Hargeisa:- The Somaliland National Army Sport team Gashan will have two of their athletes compete in the 21 km Half Marathon international event to be held in March in Djibouti, representing the Republic of Somaliland.

Athlete Fuad Said Ali won first place, while Hamse Haybe Adan won second place in a competition participated in by 35 top runners of Somaliland athletes, will attend Djibouti half marathon tournament.

Sports Director Abdirashid Aidid said the Ministry of Sports and the National Armed Force sports team would provide training that is more rigorous to the two players representing the Somaliland nation.

Gashaan sports head said a lot of effort will be but into the preparation of the athletes and are confident that Commander Nuh Ismail Tani would avail needed support.

The Vice Commander of the National Army addressed the event congratulated all the athletes from the Military & Police who took part in the tournament, as well as those who won first place at the Military Forces.