Burao:- The Minister of Livestock & Fisheries Hon Saeed Sulub Mohamed has stated that the vaccinating and treating services to livestock totaling four million and a half throughout the country.

Minister Saeed, who inaugurated the programme in Burao on Friday was speaking in a function that was kicking-off the exercise which was attended by regional and district officials from Burao, FAO officials and ministry staff.

Dr. Muse, Togdeer Livestock Coordinator stated that livestock staff from Sahil, Sool and Sanaag regions are to participate in groups in the vaccination and treatment tasks undertaking across the country.

Speaking at the event, FAO Representative Abdoul Karim Bah said he was pleased to be in Burao to inaugurate the Vaccination & Treatment Programme following last year’s similar successful exercise.

The governor of Togdheer, Mr. Mohamed Diriye Hayd who spoke at the event said that “veterinarians are going to different parts of the country to provide vaccination and treatment services to our animals, and it is an effort by the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries”.

The Minister of Livestock and Fisheries, Hon. Saeed Sulub Mohamed, who spoke at the conclusion stated that the vaccination and treatment project held twice in the country happens with the assistance of FAO.

Minister Said said the reason for opening the project in Burao is because it is the main livestock region with most livestock population in the country.

It was noted that the two main objectives of the vaccination is to vaccinate 3 million shoats against pneumonia and to treat 1.5 million animals, such as camels, cows, goats, donkeys, horses, etc.

The two-month long vaccination campaign is partly funded by the FAO.