-National Relief & Support Committee held a meeting with councillors of Hargeisa City to discuss ways of supporting Waheen Market fire victims.

The meeting was attended by the Minister of Religious Sheikh Abdirizak Albani who is also the chairman of the national committee, with assistant minister of commerce Hon. Musa Selef and Hargeisa council leading Mayor Abdikarim A. Moge, NRC Chairman who first addressed thanked the local council of Hargeisa for their effort to help Waheen Market traders.

The national committee informed the councilors of their accomplishment and plans and urged them to unite to help the people of Hargeisa recover from their loss at Waheen Market.

At the end of the meeting, the national committee and the Hargeisa city council led by its Mayor Abdikarim Ahmed Moge agreed to work together to support Waheen Market traders to recover from their losses.