A meeting between the government of Somaliland and donor countries to aid victims of Waheen Market fire disaster was held in the Kenyan capital Nairobi. According to reliable sources the meeting was fruitful and a success.

A delegation led by foreign minister Dr. Issa Keyd Mohamoud met with representatives of donor countries in Kenya.

The Foreign Minister was accompanied by his planning counterpart Dr. Omar, the assistant minister of finance Mrs. Rhoda Elmi, presidential advisor Mr. Musa Jama and Somaliland ambassador to Kenya Mr. Mohamed Barwaani.

Reports emanating from the meeting confirmed that the agenda was how the friends of Somaliland could assist the Waheen Market fire disaster victims recover, and Government delegation presented the joint rapid assessment report about the impact of the Hargeysa Fire at Waaheen Market on Somaliland.


The United Kingdom representative to Somaliland, Ms. Lizzie Walker stated that the British government will offer technical and long term support of Waheen Market.”


In another Twitter post by National Committee for Support of Waheen Market Fire Disaster confirmed the meeting between Somaliland delegation led by foreign affairs minister Dr.Issa Keyd Mohamoud which also the national committee was represented discussed the economic impact the fire had on the livelihood of the people of Hargeisa, and termed it a success.