The National Electoral Commission (NEC) has dispatched awareness teams to bolster the mobilization for voter registration exercises that is going on countrywide.

The awareness teams have been sent to the areas where the registration of voters is going on in Marodi-Jeeh, Awdal, Togdeer, Saahil, Sanaag and Sool regions are expected to continue their work for some time.

Commissioner Ahmed Tima’ade who is overseeing voter registration in Sanaag region said that each vehicle mounted with loudspeakers will have to cover all remote areas in each circuit.

He noted that they ought to fulfill their national responsibilities and duties as he dispatched the units to the local areas of the region.

He instructed the operators of the communication every vehicle unit to convey the messages to the public around designated registration sites.

Meanwhile, some traditional leaders in the Sahel region who spoke about the voter registration activities said that the exercises are going well.