The new Governor of the Central Bank Eng. Ali Abdillahi Dahir has promised to welcome everyone who puts any effort towards seeing to it that the stability of the Somaliland shilling is maintained, while in the same breath, cautioned all against the contrary.

Eng. Ali held a press conference and thanked the President H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi for his appointment as the Governor of the Central Bank, and his previously role as the Director General of the Ministry of Communications & Technology.

The new Governor Eng. Ali said the central bank was doing well, making significant progress in the last three years and that the most important development aspect is that of the maintenance of the stability of the rate of the Somaliland shilling.

He noted that he would work will work to ensure revitalizing the role of the Central Bank beholds in the nation.

He pledged to help sustain the stability of the Somaliland Shilling rate and welcome all stakeholders and Somalilanders at large to assist towards this end hence warned against any attempting to the contrary.