The new Minister of Religion and Endowments Sheikh Abdirizak Hussein Ali took over the reins from former minister Sheikh Khalil Abdullahi Ahmed. This was one of several similar functions that took place yesterday Saturday 11th September, 2021 in various venues.

At the ceremony, which was attended by officials and staff, various dignitaries Director General who spoke at the function-bidding farewell to the predecessor and welcome the successor.

Former Minister Sheikh Khalil praised his successor, Sheikh Mohamud Sufi, and described him as one of the founders non-conflict among of the religious scholars

The new Minister Sheikh Abdirizak Hussein said in a speech that he will do his best to fulfill any shortcomings thereof, if any, noting however that none can ever be perfect.

The new Minister of Investment & Industry Abdirahman Aare & the new Deputy Minister Muse Selef took over reins from the previous Minister Awad in a ceremony held at the Ministry’s headquarters.

At a ceremony attended by various dignitaries and dignitaries, the Director General of Investment had warm words for both the in-comers and the out-goers.

Former Minister Mr. Awad gave a short speech in which he commended the staff and urged them to work with the new Minister as well.

The new Minister of Investment and Industrial Development, Abdirahman Are Osman, promised to work closely with the staff and officials of the Ministry of Investment, and asked them to pray for him to fulfill his duties.

The new Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Dr. Isse Keyd Mohamud and the new Deputy Minister Mr. Abdinasir Omar took over the reins of office.

At a ceremony attended by officials, staff and guests at the ministry headquarters, the out-going Deputy Minister Liban, who has been transferred to health in the same capacity, spoke about his accomplishments and commended the staff for their cooperation.

Speaking at the event, the new Minister, Dr. Isse, pledged that he would work hard to accelerate the work of the ministry and seek recognition first. He replaces Professor Yasin Faratoon who quit the post to become a parliamentarian.

Hon. Liban was acting as the head of the foreign portfolio for the past six months or so.

Dispelling rumours circulating in the social media tailored to demean his integrity he said, “Reason I spoke to the people of Bali Gubadle region in French was because there were French teams present at the venue who interviewed me …” meaning that the video in question was maliciously clipped to distort facts, thus out of context.

The new Minister of Agriculture Mohamed Haji Osman has taken over the reins from the former Minister of Agriculture Ahmed Mumin Seed.

In a well-organized ceremony held at the ministry’s headquarters, the director general set the tempo of the occasion.

The former Minister of Agricultural Development, Mr. Ahmed Mumin Seed, addressed the gathering stating the progress achieved in various aspects during his tenure in the ministry.

The new Minister of Agriculture Hon. Mohamed Haji Osman, who addressed the gathering, said that he would continue the Ministry’s ongoing efforts.