HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — Somaliland presidential candidate, Ahmed Silanyo, who is currently in Ethiopia after a successful trip to the United States is expected to return to Hargeisa today on board a private jet.

Mr Ahmed Mohamoud Silanyo, the leader of Kulmiye party, is currently in Addis Ababa after returning from the United States, where he met with number of American officials from State Department, Congress, aid agencies and lobby groups.

The supporters of the ruling party, UDUB, are also expected to demonstrate against Mr Silanyo upon his arrival. Some of the government officials accused Mr Silanyo of being part of the pro-Somalia camp.

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Mr Silanyo, who was to fly back to Hargeisa today on a Daallo commercial airliner is believed to be boarding a private plane supplied by the Ethiopian government and the American Embassy in Addis Ababa according to sources close to the Kulmiye leader.

This is the first time a Somaliland leader was supplied with his own private jet, president Rayale traveled to Ethiopia on number of occasions and never received a private plane.

While in the Ethiopian capital, Mr Silanyo met with senior officials from the British and American embassies and Ethiopian officials.

Mr Silanyo accompanied by his wife, Amina Waris, is expected to arrive in Hargeisa in the next few hours and thousands of his supporters are currently at Egal International airport waiting to welcome him.

Somalilandpress, 31 January 2010


  1. People of somaliland have the right to do demonstrations against who they don't like! Isn't that what the opposition was crying for?

    Federal Duunimayno
    Siilanyo Duunimayno
    Walawayn Duunimayno

    His excellency President Dahir Riyale does not come by private plain because he would rather save the money for the army and police who are keeping peace in the republic!

    whereas, Dahabshil instead of paying taxes to the government so that poor people in burco and hargeisa have schools and roads, they rather give it to siilayo to come by private plain and ask the same poor people to leave their small shops and lose thier daily income just to great Somaliland's John Mccain!

    That plain belongs to the poor people of somaliland and not to Mr.MCcain!

  2. Welcome Mujaahid. We should avoid reacting to UDUB's instigation and only welcome our hiro peacefully, because what they want is very clear. They want that the peace we earned to go out of hand.

    Dear countrymen & women we should not allow this. This is their last chance, and we are coming to succeed. This is what is burning them now.

    We have to avoid anything that might lead to disturbances.

  3. Yes I agree they know their time is up, I was UDUB fan, it's clear to me now there are going no where and Somaliland will not go any where under them, lets have change, change will not hurt you, we need to learn to have change.

    If you are UDUB supporter, you had your days, you are going no where, allow Kulmiye, if Kulmiye goes no where, then we have to all come together.

    UDUB is just playing old dirty politics, making up things like Silanyo is pro-Somalia. What for? Silanyo left Somalia 20 years ago then he had one of the best portfolio (Finance Minister), he left to establish the struggle. What did Rayale do?

    • The private jet is a good gessure from the American and Ethiopian government not only for Silanyo but to the Somaliland people, today the African Union will discuss the recognition of Somaliland at the AU summit.

      Lets have this election first.

    • No one deleted your comments, it's possible that you used word(s) we have black listed, then the system automatically deletes such comments, it's to keep the place for all ages and all visitors.

      We take freedom of expression serious and this is the reason we have comments.

  4. I thank the people of Kulmiye for the welcoming of our future President. From now onwards, we need to build our society and party supporters from grass root, until election day.

    We shall concur this country once again.

    Your countryman