Burao, 16 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – Local reports from Burao says unidentified men shot and killed a senior policeman in the town. The officer who was coming out of a teashop in the downtown around 8pm was shot several times by an armed man who then escaped with his car.

police spokesman said they are searching for the man but did not give any other details.

Rumors say the policeman’s murder has something to do with a clan revenge in other areas of the region.

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Some local news portals said the police raided one of the houses in a village near Burao but no further details of what happened there. It is not also known if suspects were arrested.

This is the first killing of its kind targeting policemen in Burao since years.

Clan revenge is one of the major problems in Somaliland where innocent people were killed because of some old killings that took place as far as few years ago. The police were always successful to bring the murderers to the justice where some were executed according to the court judgment.



  1. Clan revenge is primitive and savage act at this time and age. People should trust the law and the government should use the letter of the law to the fullest to bring murderers to justice in order to quell hostility among feuding clans. Thus, law and order would prevail.

  2. I think part of people having to take the law into their own hands is caused by corruption. Police and government officials are easily bribed and this immensely effects the legitimacy of those institutions. Furthermore Government Officials and Police officers hold clan affiliations which again effects the legitimacy and effectiveness of those institutions.

    The government probably won't succeed in completely re-socializing employees of its institutions as societal influences are too great. What it should do, is make clear there is no place for corruption and bias in government. It should actively, not only promote this but act on this to curb these problems.

  3. The Government of Somaliland has to that they are in charge here and bring these criminals to justice.

  4. "clan revenge is one of the major problems in Somaliland where innocent people were killed because of some old killings that took place as far as few years ago" True indeed.

    This is a Somali phenomenon that needs national address. secessionist cannot cure this illness but Somali patriotism can.

    • almost up to 160 cops get each killed in the US, cop killings is something that happens to the men and women of the law, so to all those "Somalinimo" fanatics out there I say hold your horses we still are not that desperate to join you in you hell on earth.

      God bless Somaliland

  5. Afkaaga caano geel lagu qabay reer Koonfur ilaah janatul fardoos ha kaa waraabiyo walaal waa run anigan kula hadlayaa Buhoodle ayaan ku sigtay 2 laba sano ka hor anaga iyo rag kalaba.

    Rag buuhoodle ka soo jeeda ayaa waxaa lagu xiray burco ka bacadina anaga oon ogeeyn in reer Buhoodle gaadmo oogu jiraan seey rag reer hargeysa ah u xirtaan si ragooda loo soo daayo.

    Marka Somalinimo wax dhaama ma leh ilaah ha isku soo duwo umatul Somaal

  6. I totaly agree with ahmed and gobaad.why shoot a poor policeman for a silly incident that happened years ago.Even though im from the same clan as the
    killer i totally deny revenge klling as it starts conflicts like in te early 90's