The President of the Republic of Somaliland was among the mourners attending the burial of a family of four whose lives came to an abrupt end on Saturday night after unattended wall crumbled crashing upon them while in their sleep in their humble tent(Somali Buul)they called home.

The deceased family consisting of the Father, an expecting mother (Pregnant mother) and two male toddlers, after several hours of heavy rainfall pounded in the last two days in Hargeisa and the surrounding area.

Several cabinet ministers, the SL police commissioner, the governor of Maroodi Jeh and his deputy while attending the funeral accompanied the President.

President Muse Bihi Abdi, speaking during the funeral, expressed the magnitude and scope of the tragedy.

He noted that the nation as a whole shared grief and sorrow with the family and relatives of the deceased family members.

The President added, “May Allah (SWT) bless their souls our thoughts and prayers are with their family during this difficult time. Their death is a great loss to the family and to the Somaliland nation at large.