Translated By Goth Mohamed Goth

Politician Mahmoud Hashi Abdi has declared his candidacy for the post of the chairperson of the ruling Kulmiye party but denied that he was competing with President Bihi but at the same time wants to set apart the post of party chairmanship and the Presidency.

Mr. Mahmoud Hashi stated his concerns about the possibilities of President Bihi transferring the party leadership to his colleague the minister of interior Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed while appearing on HCTV’s TV program hosted by journalist Hassan Galaydh.

Do you want to become President of Somaliland sometime in the future?

Of course, I have hopes and ambitions. I have not come out of politics at the peak of my career, but I start from the bottommost point, over the years I have held various positions and today my motivations that is to hold the highest office in the land, God Willing.

Reports indicate that you are contesting for the ruling Kulmiye party chairperson position; can you verify this to the people of Somaliland?

I was, one of the very few persons who aided President Silanyo’s in formation, lying the foundation of the party and it’s establishing Kulmiye as a successful political organization party and played a crucial role in leading the Kulmiye in the various achievements and the two presidential elections in 2010 and in 2017 the party won. I have defeated these elections at the head of the well at the narrowest known water point; I now deserve to take my rightful at the helm of the party, come the Kulmiye general meeting and I shall declare my candidacy for the party leadership.

Will you compete for that position or transferred to you?
I want to compete

If President Bihi decides to contests for this position, will you challenge him?

The President of the Republic of Somaliland Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi hold two positions as the President and the current chairperson, and he has the right to contest for both positions for the second time. People should understand that the President won’t be contesting for the party chairmanship but he will be competing for a second term as the head of state.

Many in the party echelons believe separation of party and national leadership, which means that the President broader responsibilities to attend too, as national matters are concerned hence he should not preoccupy himself with party issues.

If, I may repeat, for instance the President shall vie for the position, will you oppose him?

Let me correct you, am not contesting the President, but I told you in my view that Kulmiye is not a new phenomenon but a new thing to the party, we should separate party and national leadership and there is nothing wrong in that, on the contrary we shall benefit from it , that’s is my view.

How do view it, if the President decides to transfer the party leadership to his close ally and friend Mr. Mohamed Kahin

Mr. Mohamed Kahin are friends and so do I with the Presidents hence it is up to the president to be impartial. Mr. Mohamed Kahin and I are not enemies; we respect each other but let’s not forget as a person, I have my ambitions and goals so are my comrades in the party “Kulmiye” and we have passed the time when Mr. Mohamed Kahin lays the claim for the top post and he accepted the post of ranking minister and his mandate is coming to an end, by the way, the time to compete for the posts in the party is here .

What will you do if you lose the election for the position of chairperson of Kulmiye party?

I am an experienced politician who knows that politics there are vicars and loser, and I will accept the outcome.