The President of the Republic H.E. Muse Bihi Abdi has announced that all cooking appliances and gas would henceforth be imported tax-free.

The reprieve and exemption of taxes for the commodities will go down well with the populace and the fight against deforestation and combating the negative aspects of climate change.

The Head of State also urged Somalilanders to go for a blue economy and reap maximum production from the marine resources whose fishes are abundant in the country.

The President made the remarks as he led the Burao University 12th graduation ceremony at the campus on Saturday 17th, September 2022.

He profoundly thanked the Burao residents for according him rousing reception as he came back to the city from the Odweyne tour hence pointed out that it exuded the solidarity cherished in patriotism for the sovereignty of the nation.

He commended the students, parents and the teaching staff of the university for their selfless and tireless efforts in making the institution excel.

The President precisely honoured the founders of the institution by lauding their dreams whose efforts have come to fruition.

Noting that the institution stood by championing environmental related issues he promised the Environment Minister Hon. Shukri Bandare for being a formidable force to reckon with in addressing the sector.

He pointed out that patriotism is the main catalyst that propels the country as a unified front that has progressed so much in development aspects.

Urging solidarity to be maintained he pledged state support for development aspects and nudged the exploitation of marine resources, which Somalilanders seldom indulge in, as a means and ways forward for prosperity.

The country has rich fisheries in its hundreds of kilometers of sea-shore.

He reminded the audience that no nation has made achievements as this country has done without international debts whatsoever, while still being un-recognized.

He attributed the developments made and the numerous universities established as major examples.

He also pledge to address students graduates plight in the nation.