The public schools in the country have been progressively shining in the national schools in the country doing much better than the privately owned ones.

This year’s exam results show the top 6 out of 10 are public schools in the countryside.

This was revealed by the head of the National Examination Board Chairman Mr. Daud Ahmed Farah at a function of the unveiling of the 2021/22 examination results.

He was flanked by the Minister of Education and his deputy the honorables Ahmed Mohamed Dirie and Abdihakim Said.

The examination boss said that most of the students excelled with total failures being only 3% in the secondary exams and 6% at the primary level.

The secondary school candidates were 13784, while those of primary being 22971 with the percentages of failure translating to 460 and 1331 candidates respectively.

Mr. Daud decried the misuse of high-tech modern gadgets that are posing serious risks to the detriments of the future of the nation’s educational system.

He lamented the attempts to use mobile phones and IT watches to cheat in exams as serious.

He disclosed that almost 1000 such gadgets were confiscated from the candidates and the state will decide on how to dispose them off.

Mr. Daud appealed to the parents and graduates to help the education department in combating such misdemeanors, which can result to the country being a banana state if not checked or addressed at all.

He lamented that an abetting handful of teachers in such cahoots were caught in the act.

He at the same time commended teachers who exposed bribery attempts and urged their colleagues to emulate them.

He called on the media fraternity to highlight the vice.