By M. A. Egge

His Excellency President Musa Bihi Abdi, on Wednesday, toured several centers in Hargeisa city where the registration of voters exercise was going on.

The Head of State was accompanied to the centers by the City Mayor Cllr, Abdikarim Ahmed Moge, his deputy Cllr. Khadar Ahmed Omer, the Maroodi-jeeh regional governor, and also his deputy, amongst other senior officials.

He expressed his satisfaction after observing the manner in which the processes of the exercise were going on. The exercise of registering potential officially kicked off countrywide in the morning.

As he observed the ongoing process he also was briefed by National Election Commission who were at the various centers.

The people who were in the queues for the registration welcomed the President with hilariously with ululations and applause, showing their happiness to the commitment of the president and his government to the registration of voters which has been funded from the national budget.

After the inspection tour, the President praised the Hargeisa residents for exercising their political rights in registering to vote.

He said, “The people were very organized and the citizens were doing their responsibilities in exercising their justified rights in participating in the electioneering processes to choose their leaders”.

He noted that registration is the first step in the electioneering process.

The President thanked everyone who participated in the exercise while saying, “I am grateful to the young people who are working on the registration”.