The Chief Justice Hon. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed signed an educational agreement with the Head of Abarso Tech University Dr. Ahmed Hussein Isse on Monday. The CJ was flanked by the technical adviser of the High Court Mr. Dayib Muhammed Nur, while the President of Abarso University was accompanied by the Vice Chancellor of the University, Ahmed Ismail Abdi and Mawlid Abdullahi Yonis, one of the Deans of the University.

The President of the Supreme Court Hon. Adam Haji Ali Ahmed, thanked Abarso University for the scholarship and the agreement they reached, and described it as a great opportunity for the judiciary fraternity. He said that this grant and agreement will benefit the various departments of the Judiciary, and pointed out that it will be an opportunity for the Judiciary to improve their knowledge.

He said that knowledge is the most precious thing that directs a person’s personality and leads to the development he aims for.

He mentioned that the agreement with the institution is similar to others the judiciary entered with other universities in the country.

On his part, the Chancellor of Abaarso University thanked the CJ for the agreement they reached, and noted that Justice is the most important pillar of government building and noted that they are very happy to play their role in the development of the sector in the field of education.

He pointed out that universities are not only there to educate students, but they are there to contribute to their country.