There is no region called Ayin that belongs to Somaliland, they say

By M.A. Egge

The traditional leaders and esteemed personalities in the Qori-lugud district has called for calmness and peaceful stability in Buuhoodle and Sool regions and pointed out that there was no region called Ayin in the country.

While saying that they belonged to the Togdeer region, they made a call for peaceful stability to the people and the community of Buhoodle district, and called for an end to fermenting issues that would call ripples and undermine stability.

Some of the traditional leaders of west Buhoodle District said at the press conference that they are calling for peace and appealed to their counterpart Buuhoodle traditional leaders to pursue their goals  in a peaceful manner.

“We hear about Sool, Sanaag and Ayn regions, we are categorically telling the community that there is no region called Ayn that belongs to Somaliland. The district we belong to is the Togdeer region”, one of them said.

They said that Buhoodle District, which has many people living together, is one of the most settled communities in the west.

The traditional leaders noted that the Sool region, which is comprised of four districts, Taleh, Aynaba, Hudun and Lasaanod, is inhabited by different communities and is not solely owned by anyone set.

“The land is enough for all of us and peace is dear. Buhoodle and Sool can live together in tranquility. They can live together. We will not be separated. Let us not create a Ukraine scenario”, said another traditional leader who spoke at the presser.

They called on Buhoodle leaders and intellectuals to return in peace, as they said they were part of the electorate community.

“It is not warranted for a traditional leader to call for war and violence”, they noted.