The security of the traditional leaders’ conference that will take place in the region will be safeguarded by the National Security Forces of the region

The Chief of the National Armed Forces, Major General Nuh Ismail Tani, has clarified the fact that the security of the city of Lasaanod is under the control of the National Army and security apparatus are tasked with the chores of protecting the security of the upcoming major customary traditional conference of the Sool regional fraternity in the town.

Commander Nuh who held a press conference on Tuesday January 24, 2023 at the city of Lasanood and flanked by other top brass of both the military and police officers shed light on the security situation in the Sool region.

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He called for calmness and the upholding of peaceful stability while underscoring its importance.

Commander Nuh said that the armoured technical vehicles that took part in the reception of the traditional leaders in the town of Lasaanod were all vehicles of the National Army.

“We want to make it known the members of the public that all the technical vehicles that received the traditional leaders belonged to the National Army and this was done so that the vehicles of an enemy’s army did not enter the city”, said Commander Noah.

He said that the security of the traditional conference to be held in the Sool region will be safeguarded by the regional security forces.

He took a swipe and criticized people who he said were making inflammatory and derogatory statements but said that the security apparatus would not be distracted from their duties.

“The National Army will not listen to the derogatory and inflammatory statements that are being peddled about and shall fulfill their duties of safeguarding security comprehensively”, he said.

Commander Nuh, called upon the members of the community of Lasaanod to uphold peaceful stability noting that security is in their interest, and suggested that they maintain peace in their land and cooperate with the security apparatus.

“Our religion instructs us to maintain harmonious setting and peaceful stability since if there is no peace, no one can calmly sleep at home”, he said.

He once more condoled the next of kin, family members and relatives of all the victims who succumbed to the recent skirmishes that claimed lives and injured others in demonstrations in the town.

He underpinned that forces had only entered the city to maintain calmness and peaceful stability as part of their duties when called for but they always maintained their distance.

The officials who were with Commander Nuh at the press conference were,

Brigadier General Suleiman Barre Gesod, Brigadier General Ali Barre Hassan, Brigadier General Abdi Ahmed Tiir, Col. Ahmed Mohamed Ismail, Col. Jama Mohamed Ismail, Col. Jirde Kayse Muhammad, Col. Hussein Duale Dheeg, Lt Col Abdirashid Ahmed Noor, Lt Col Ali Ahmed Shire, Lt Col Khadar Ahmed Hassan, Major Mohamed Suleiman Aabi and Major Yusuf Warsame Ahmed.