The realization of duties is very significant often to standardize for the services delivered in a good quality and reliable levels. The government has different agencies and units that involved in very huge and serious tasks which are the heart of the governmental systematically operations always and deserve quite energetic and competent individuals to be engaged this area in order to increase the better services of the government mainly security and peace for both national and international levels.

There must be competitive and challenge in terms of work capability and also capacity to select the right people in the right positions elsewhere in the governmental departments to avoid monopoly and backing someone who is too weak to remain in office where unable to handle the work properly and creating many shambolic of duties which general populations are not totally happy how this is managed or dealt with negligence and unprofessionalism that may not secure the better role or assignments to accomplish in a brilliant way of intentions.

Somaliland has been recently on the eyes of the western especially Britain government that releases information and some concerns related terrorism issues in the region, even though the source of this information is unclear and Somaliland Government hundred percent denied the existence of that source, Somaliland still prepares to redouble and strengthen terrorism combat to ensure international communities the fully stability, peace and prosperity in the fragile, unrecognized nation that seems to be an orphan among the African nations or the world for a period of 22 years that looks the world both turned ear/eye deaf or blind to unfairly and indecisively.

Somaliland nation one hand often receives very hostile attacks from different areas weather neighbouring countries of having senseless jealousy and envy towards Somaliland sovereignty as a free independent country joins straight away to the African nations or international communities, on the other hand, Somalia is still chasing Somaliland wrongly and bulling back to remain the former catastrophic union that left one million Somaliland people dead for the result of political domination and severe oppression of 21 years of suffering.

No way of a new marriage takes place between the two republics of Italian and Britain colonies again. Because Somaliland people is still treating the wounds and trauma of the past that resulted every house of Somaliland nation lost the loved ones of their families with dictatorship and pressure of many faces including tribal issues and geographical reasons, Somaliland nation do not have any grudge to their brothers of Somalia, but determined to manage their own interest of peace living and independent enjoyment for the rest of their life. Due to Somaliland request from the international communities, it is important to listen and study the demand of Somaliland nation that has been the only priority agenda of this nation for the last two decades.

Somaliland is still and often too strong to continue securing that rays of hope of which world communities one day convince the right entitlement of Somaliland to generous recognition, although Somaliland does not believe that any recognition is missing from them, as they recognized themselves and work together as nation that implemented the whole governmental procedures by fulfilling and putting in place everything that nation of Somaliland needs to have fully and clearly.


Abdilahi John




  1. Great message.

    Eritrea simply ignored USA bully tactics to sanction it economically. Unfair bully tactics only make nations stronger while those that are spoon fed for 22years with $billions of taxpayers dollars simply fail to govern even an inch of her territory with any semblance of dignity.

    – It is better to be unrecognized in peace then recognized under foreign occupation.
    – It is more honorable to live in poverty independent then filthy rich as a concubine state.

    Never TELL them a reason to leave, always SHOW them many reasons to leave…

  2. We must always separate the past from the present. Of course there are lessons that history will not allow us to forget even if some us try to forget. No country can overcome its hurdles unless its people beat them. We have to work hard and arrange our ideas for the issues and encounters to come. Looking ahead is where the future lies. Uneasy lies the head (Siilaanyo) that wears the crown. The trick is recognition. Politics has many more puzzles than one can imagine. At times, politics is the art of possibility; at other times, it is the art of commitment. I doubt thatSiilaanyo, who has become a senile, know this'.

  3. I have sympathy for Issaq people not because of the bombing but because of me beloved wife. I understand somaliland situation obviously they don't want to become tangled within hawiya, jareer wayne, raxanweyn chaos.

    BUT that doesn't give you any rite to tear Puntland apart. SSC is our future border.

    • lmao do u think ur farole
      ps hows the punaniland flag burning in buuhodle going

  4. You sanction countries, not a piece of land whose people are impoverished. Get real and join the party in Mogadisho before it is too late.

  5. there is some people here they pretend they do not like Somaliland in the bottom of a line luv Somaliland just say I love Somaliland no nobody will kill you stop pretend like you do not like Somaliland!

  6. Anyone noticed that this article was either is not properly written, or the author cut and coppied bits and pieces from here and there and made the lines fit into 1 article, and titled it with a title that is really far from the openning 2 paragraphs?
    Anyway, let me just correct the title, it should go like this:
    "BBH are the 3 orphan cities in the horn"

  7. For those of you the anti-Somaliland crowed, your true colors shines when you make a comment or two on this or other website.
    How comes you all have a tendency of name calling and insulting other Somaliland clans, instead of giving us an educated reasons to why we should not be separate.
    In fact, what your comments make is for every Somaliland supporters, who reads your comments, run away from Somalia as far as they can.

    You guys are not for Somali unity but very jealous of Somaliland success and its peace.

    Death to Somaliland enemies! long live Somaliland and its people for ever!

  8. to the people of zoomalia
    after 22 years of chaos and destruction, are u willing to sabotage ur recovery in pursuit of a failed dream to unite with somaliland a more strategic country whereby its at the border of red sea and indian ocean? our military can wipe the floor with khaatumo terrorists punaniland militia and federal fake soldiers combined so lets see what u can do on the ground not in the west easting at mcdonalds and collecting ur weekly welfare lol

  9. I thought you were British orphans….what happened to that title? You see how Isaaq-Habashi are always like naago, ti la fuuray, ti la dilaay, ti la nacay, ti orphan kids loga tagay, ti la dhirbaxay, ti la kufsaday….their calacaal never ends.

    Don't be surprised if tomorrow they don't say they related to Jews and were victims of the holocaust.

    That's why I named them Tacsi-land.