Press Release

Somaliland Senior Water Experts Panel (SWEP) Established 

Mr. Saleban Yusuf Ali (Koore), Minister of Water Resources Development of the Republic of Somaliland established high level senior experts panel on January 20, 2019.

The members in the Somaliland’s Senior Water Experts Panel (SWEP) of the Ministry of Water Resources Development were selected their exemplary qualifications and experience in Somaliland Water Sector Development.

Minister Koore recognized the members as the highest rank professionals in Somaliland Water Sector those who will contribute knowledge and experiences to the leadership and the guidance to the development of the sector.

The Senior Water Experts Panel is high level water sector professionals those who will provide technical assistance and an advisory support to the Ministry of Water Resources Development. They are volunteers who work for other institutions involving in water, cadre with in-depth experience and qualifications related to water resources, irrigation and drought resilience. The SWEP comprises experts with solid understanding of Somaliland water context, equipped with technical skills in water and drought resilience.

The Senior Water Experts Panel is open to the most senior experts with practical expertise in water for emergencies and development and with specific experiences in Somaliland’s water sector. This nomination is now the establishment of the Senior Water Experts Panel which will have strict membership criteria. The Minister of Water Resources Development will set up the Terms of Reference (ToR) and operational guideline for the SWEP  in which he will explain the Membership Criteria.

Department of Planning, Coordination and Statistics of MoWRD will have secretariat role of the SWEP.

The list of nominated SWEP members are in the table below:

1. Eng. Hassan Egal UNICEF WASH Specialist (Senior Water Expert)
2. Christopher Print Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – SWALIM Chief Technical Advisor  (CTA)
3. Dr. Abdirizak Jama Nuur Ministry of Environment and Rural Development, Somaliland Director General  (Senior Hydrogeologist)

(Ex- DG of Ministry of Water Resources Development)

4. Ahmed Hussein Shaac SHAAH Hydrogeology and Geophysics Company Founder and Manager ( Senior Hydrogeologist / Geophysicist)
5. Bruno Petrucci Terre Solidali Senior Hydrogeologist / Geophysicist
6 Sven Jacobi NIRAS – Somaliland Water Resources Management & Investment Plan Project Team Leader (Senior Water Resources Engineer)
7. Melvin Woodhouse Freelance Expert Expert of Water Resources and Water Law
8. Eng. Ahmed Mohamed Ali Somaliland Development Fund Secretariat, Mott MacDonald Project Office M&E Civil Engineer  (Water Resources Supply Design Expert and former Technical Advisor of MoWRD)
9. Ali Ismail Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) – SWALIM Liaison Office Manager. Hargeisa, Somaliland
10. Abdi Abokor Yusuf UN Development Programme (UNDP) -Resilience and Climate Change Portfolio -Somaliland Senior Programme Officer
11. Mohamed Hassan Haji Freelance Consultant Senior Hydrogeologist/Hydrologist (ex- deputy of water development agency of Somalia)
12. Mukhtar Abdillahi Save the Children International -Somalia/Somaliland WASH Programe Manager (WASH Technical Expert)
13 Salem Shouhan World Bank Group, West Africa Team Leader (Water Institutional Development Expert)
14 Noah Amin Freelance Consultant Water Quality Monitoring Expert
16 Ali Regah OXFAM – Somaliland/Somalia WASH Coordinator (WASH Technical Expert)
17 Kamal Mohamed Farah CARE International – Somaliland/Somalia Water Technical Advisor ( Water Technical Expert)
18 Eng. Mohamud Yasin Independent Senior Water Expert Senior Water Resources Engineer and Irrigation Expert
19 Eng. Mohamoud Abdulahi Sustainable Land Management (SLM)  Project,

GIZ  Somaliland

Senior Project Advisor (Water Resources Engineer)