By M.A. Egge

The Upper House of Parliament’s session to discuss the postponement of the forthcoming general elections from March 19th 2009to the month of November 2019 did not take-off yesterday following what the Speaker of the Guurti Hon. Suleiman Mohammud Adan termed as a “technical hitch that needs clarification”.

Typically when the National Electoral Commission, the official political parties and the state concur that there were grounds to postpone elections, the constitution demands that the Head of State notify the Guurti who are charged with the task to do the necessary.

Given that the notification has already been made, the hitch may be attributed to what the UCID chairman highlighted as the omission of the civic elections from the notification.

This may most likely a clerical error which may have caused the Guurti to seek clarification since the slated forthcoming elections are for both parliamentary and civic elections.

It is expected that the deliberations on the matter would go on today.