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“Only 17 journalist were jailed during President Riyaale Reign Comparing to 58 Journalist in Silanyo 3 years rule ”  Abdurrahman  Abdikadir former 1st vice chairman of KULMIYE

By Hassan Ali

The former 1st vice chairman of the ruling party “KULMIYE” Hon  Abdurrahman Abdikadir and whose also a member of the forum for national consultation has accused the present government of increasing the crackdown on the media ,harassment and intimidation of news media members in Somaliland.

Hon Abdurrahman Abdikadir speaking at an event marking the World Press Freedom day yesterday said, “The current government seems to be supporting harassment, intimidation, or prosecution of journalists for publishing information, at the same time rewarding violence and repression against journalism – journalists by government agencies.

“I have lived in the west for long and I must admit most of the western media houses are also constantly embroiled in nasty scandals and President Silanyo knows that free media and independent judiciary are critical for a thriving and functioning democracy and have a critical role to play in exposing cases of corruption where they may occur, he said.

The former vice chairman of KULMIYE added, “The current government is bent on cracking down on the media constitute a major breach of the freedom of the press, explicitly protected by law in Somaliland.

 “It’s so sad to see the government of the day infringing on the rights of Somaliland citizens day in and day out, with an increasing cases of government intimidation and harassment of the press,” Mr. Abdurrahman Abdikadir . 

Abdurrahman Abdikadir went on to say, “All this proves that President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo has being using the media for his selfish gains all along as he had also used the national assembly , I remember him calling the former President Riyaale names but the thing is President Riyaale in his nearly 8 years in office  he had jailed 17 journalist in all , imagine in 8 eight years contrary to President Silanyo who has since assuming office is said to have detained more 58 journalist in the past three years

“Clearly this is systematic campaign to censor and intimidate an independent newspapers in Somaliland. Hubaal and Hatuuf are  victims of  reporting about what is really happening in Somaliland,” added.

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