The new Somalia president is miserably behaving like Mr. Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf, Saddam Hussein’s information minister. He reminds me of Mr. al-Sahaff pitifully saying: “There are no American infidels in Baghdad. Never!” Mr. al-Sahaff made this statement while the USA armored vehicles and tanks were rolling few blocks from where Mr. al-Sahaff was standing and  embarrassingly that event was being watched  all over the world on live TVs. To be honest, I even think Mr. Hassan is at times more preposterous than Mr. al-Sahhaf, when he cyclically and outrageously calls Somaliland “a Somalia region”.   Everyone on earth truly knows that Somaliland had nothing to do with Somalia before July 1st, 1960 and again for the last 21 years plus.

Last night, in a life televised program in London Mr. Hassan alluded that there were undeclared surreptitious talks and contacts taking place between his government and that of Somaliland. He also added that he will steadfastly stick with his unionist agenda and would like to bring Somaliland to the Union of Somalia federation without the use of military force or diplomatic pressure.

In this statement Mr. Hassan was tactfully and covertly saying the Somaliland government is conspiring against the will of its people by holding mysterious on-going talks with Mogadishu. Consequently, the Somaliland government is hiding the essentials of those secret meetings from its people.  Mr. Hassan’s statement is preordained to create a feeling of suspicion and a rift between Somaliland government and its people. Fortunately enough, the international community and the Somaliland people know very well that the Somaliland leadership will never accept anything less than the full sovereignty for their country even if that will lead to a second round of a violent military confrontation with Somalia.

In other words, Mr. Hassan of Somalia is attempting to create chaotic disarray in the Republic of Somaliland, analogous to what is going on in his own country- the anarchic Somalia.  In the same way, Mr. Hassan is dutifully following the lines of threats used before him by Mr. al-Sahaff against the USA, when he says that he will not use military force or diplomatic pressure on Somaliland. What a military or diplomatic pressure could this helpless Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud exert over Somaliland? I would confidently say none whatsoever, because this was used from the olden days of Siad Barre to this present day and without a flicker of success.

I think Mr. Hassan is too naïve to think the people of Somaliland will respond and will give him the reaction he intends to get from Somalilanders through his malicious statements.  Mr. Hassan doesn’t understand the relationships between the people and the government of the Republic of Somaliland. The Somaliland government was elected in a landslide through one man one vote and on an agenda of working hard for the attainment of the full sovereignty of Somaliland. The bond between the government and the Somaliland citizenry is unbreakable and is based on transparency and accountability. Therefore, Somaliland citizens have full confidence in their government and Mr. Hassan’s theory of creating a chaotic Somaliland will never take off the ground. This is not the only time Mr. Hassan has made such an outrageous statement, but he repeated such malevolent statements more than at least four times in a raw within the last two weeks.

One other time he made an equally comparable regretful comment in regard to Somaliland was in a town hall meeting with Somalians (his compatriots from former Italian colony of Somalia) in Minnesota, USA.  In that meeting Mr. Hassan has made even more insolent statement towards the people of Somaliland, when he declared that the recent USA recognition of Somalia in his words: “will benefit all Somalia including Somaliland and the financial assistance given to Somalia will be distributed evenly to Somalia, this will in turn bring about the unity of Somalia.”  What a discreditable and affront statement to the Republic of Somaliland and its people from a hopeless man, who is suppliantly going around the world and asking for the monthly salaries for his government and his tribally selected parliament?

Take it from me, Mr. Hassan, you do not understand Somalilanders and contrasting to you and to the natives of your country, Somalilanders do not price their principles and sovereignty with material gains. This is not me saying it, but history is here to witness this indisputable fact. Hence, you must immediately and publicly apologize to the people of the Republic of Somaliland and must be on the guard not to repeat making such reprehensible statements in the coming future.

Let me be specific and give a hint of fact to Mr. Hassan and tell him that Somaliland independence was not granted by Somalia through a charitable and compassionate process, but Somalilanders fought for their sovereignty and lost everything they held dear including the precious lives of their loved ones. This time around Somalilanders are prepared to sacrifice even more to keep their well-deserved independence.

By Yusuf Dirir Ali,M.D


  1. Yusuf,

    Are you sure that Siilaanyo is commited to the aspiration of Somaliland people? Please dig this deep down.

    • Hassan Mahamoud purchased 190votes with money stolen from the starving orphans over the last 21years.

      If you believe anything he says then you are mentally ill.

      Long live Somaliland-Republic 🙂

      Silanyo was ELECTED by a 1man 1vote system and his people have more trust in him then you can imagine.

    • aqoonyahan
      Any true and honest Somalilander should believe and trust that their leader is committed to the aspiration of his people and should never heed to the unsubstantiated rumors and malicious propaganda wars against Somaliland unless the truth comes out of the blue. I believe you're either pessimist or anti Somaliland. President Siilaanyo declared in his last address to the joint session of the parliament that the state of Somaliland is in a better position and had passed the days when the cowards used to get scared, "Somaliland way ka soo gudubtey meeshii fuluhu shakiyi jirey"

  2. It is unfortunate for the international community to think that Somalia will attain stability and good governance through the fragile adminstration of Mr. Mohamud. This man is happy with his current position as president and looks like he is in his honey moon, but there are hard days ahead of him . He is talking about bringing back Somaliland but what he doesn't understand is that that he is the president of Banadir region and that his Italian Somalia is continueously disintegratiing. We Somalilanders don't see that the South will succeed in unifying their regions let alone reunifying old Somalia.

  3. Siilaanyo actions may raise questions about his loyalty to Somaliland, but am sure his fully committed to Somaliland

    • Yahya,

      two things (ideas) cannot go hand in hadn: Siilaanyo's potices raise question about his loyalty to Somaliand and am sure he is fully committed to lead Somaliland aright. The two ideas contradict each other. I belive Siilaanyo does not know how he could help Somaliland out of the tight sitution. He is too weak to do that.

      • aqoonyahan,
        Finally, you have come clear out of the bush! Tell you what, Siilaanyo is the most capable and the best President Somaliland ever had and he has the majority support of his people. That is it.

        • Glad you said ''his people'', because the only support he or the separatists have is that and not the support of ''the people of north-west Somalia.

  4. Warqabe,

    We are talking about "cause", not "cowdardice." It is too simple to say Somaliland has passed when people get scared. Still the road ahead of Somaliland is steep. Words without actions never to heaven go. .
    Somalialnd cause requres a lot of hard work. Siilaanyo had just red what others ( a speech writer) wrote. When irragtional arguments are left unquestioned and gain broad acceptance, the gab between self-serving lies and sincerity becomes unbriddgeable and failure becomes inevitable.

    • You are in doubt about the cause when you put a question mark on the leadership without tangible evidences. Sure, the road ahead of Somaliland is steep, however, its successful transition depends on every Somalilander including me and you.

  5. Looool somali are such liars ! For god’s sake
    We have a decent well educated président with
    clean hands and some people still find a way
    To trash him ! Talking about he bought his seat
    or some other BS ! I dare you to Come up with
    some real proof and not Old woman saying !
    Up to know he has never been accused of anything by the International community or the
    Somali médias !

    • He has never leave his country like the rest
      Of educated ones ! In fact he even set up
      One of the best Somali university !
      What have you done for your people except
      Trolling behind your screen living in a western
      country in the name of somalia !

  6. Believe me when I say most Somali politicians would betray themselves for material gains. But the good thing is they shall be weeded out one by one until true educated patriots remain. Between the average Somali back home and the diaspora, there is no going back, Especially now that we have a decent President, unlike the past.

    You can insult my President, you can accuse my president. But because you say these things doesn't make them true, especially knowing your love anything foreign and hatred for any thing Somalian.

    Unlike you secessionist who cry and act like your president is an angel, who's name you should never mention, unless you are praising him. Or the fact that you accuse your fellow somalilanders of being weak or traitors any time they question the status quo.

    So let me ask you a few questions secessionist. Where is this freedom of speech you speak of when all you do is attack anyone speaks out ( as in your fellow Somalilander).

    How come all these so called Somaliland news sites never seem to ask known Somalilanders that are against secession. By ignoring them, do you thing it makes them not exist.

    Know that one of these days these very same people will topple you pretend SomaliLand.

    • Waaryaa Ahmed Suleiman Dafleh! Waar meesha qaylada kala bax oo Ilaahay dembi dhaaf weydiiso inta naftu kugu jirti.

  7. Oh yeah has any one noticed how the secessionist are trembling and working over time to plead their resolve.

    I think, this is the third article speaking the same message. We will not undermined blah blah, the Somali president blah blah.

  8. There's even one article with the same message, except in that one, the writer is calling for war. The secessionist need to understand the couldn't hurt a fly. Your fight with the Dictator and any future war you start would not be the same. One more thing, whether you want to deny it or not, your not the only ones who lost something in the civil war.

  9. somaliland sovereignty, what a joke
    Who defined the territory of what is so called "british somaliland"?
    aren't they the brits?
    Now they don't want to continue with that project, how about this?
    You gotta listen to your master somalilanders

  10. What sovereignty are the two habro in Gabiley and Garadag talking about? I didn't know villages had sovereignty….I demand an explanation from the widows/grievers. Tacsiland is going no where guys.

  11. Siilaanyo is a elected president by the people for the people and through one man one vote…Somaliland is centuries old.It is based on the will of the people and not for view of you with no life to bad mouth the Republic….viva somaliland

  12. Hasan sheikh mohamud has broken every rule in the Garowe Road Map he wants to rule somalia through his Hawiye enclave, a one-man rule where he silence everyone.

    Puntland has its defined borders from Galkacyo to Buhoodle. we don't recognise any white trash colonial village or the hawiye clan council in mogadishu.

    • PuntlandGeezer,

      "Puntland has its defined borders from Galkacyo to Buhoodle." What a pathetic dreamer? Don't you know Faroole is begging for the mercy of Somaliland and repenting for his of claiming Somaliland territory? wake-up and smell the coffee.

  13. @ PuntlandGeezer,

    OOh ! ooh! Please don't cry ! a crying Daarood-man is the worst thing to see. Believe me, I have lot of experience with grown-up Daarood- men crying in 1988 in Somaliland and again 1991 in Mogadishu.

    I was a member of the Somali National army and I was transported from Hargeisa after the SNM victory. Read my up coming book entitled: The defeat of the strongest black African Army.

    You do not know what this men are capable, otherwise, you wouldn't play with fire. Take my advise and learn from your history.