The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Somaliland has deferred a request for a rally by the Human Rights and Community Development Associations.

A statement signed by the Minister of Interior of Somaliland, Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed noted the precarious and unconducive moment that the exercises of registrations of political organizations are ongoing.

In effect his letter to the applicants read as;

“Refer to the letter issued by the Community Development and Human Rights Organization dated 04/09/2022, with the purpose of a request for holding public rallies.

Therefore, I am informing you that it is not possible that at this time, during the approval and activities of the organizations, no rally can be held, and we have suspended the holding of any rallies.

Therefore, while you can find the details in the attachment of this letter, I am informing all the authorities concerned and herein notified that the Ministry of Internal Affairs will not allow such gathering at all.”