Somaliland Police has denied claims made by Renegade Officer regarding gross human abuse in police stations on Monday.

“We are here to deny the baseless news circulating on social media for the last week about the police harassing and abusing the inmates,” the police said.

The police accused Yahye Samaysne, a former police officer, of spreading the reports, saying that it was intended to harm the police force’s reputation, and warned people falsifying the police force.

Yahye Samaysne was the deputy commander of the central station in Hargeisa. Police said he was later transferred to the force’s general command after becoming mentally ill, but he went to Mogadishu.

However, the officer stated that he resigned from the police force and accused them of human rights violations.

On August 11, at least five people were killed and 100 injured in Somaliland opened fire on protesters demanding presidential elections be held in November.