By M.A. Egge
A training for the departmental coordinators in Awdal region on the remunerations and salary payment process was provided by experts from the public service organization.
It was graced by the Somaliland Public Service Organization Chairman Khalid Jama Qodax and attended by the governor of Awdal region Mohamed Ahmed Aalin Timbaro and director general of the Public Service Agency Khalid Mire and the director of departments of the Public Service Agency.

During the training for the coordinators on the salary payment process, Mr. Khalid Jama Qodax emphasized that the importance of the nation that the salary payment process for the public employees should be transparent and orderly through the various government branches concerned.

“We have urged the coordinators of Awdal region on the importance of training on the payment methodologies to be appropriately applied  and practiced”, he said.

The governor of Awdal region, Mohamed Ahmed Aalin Timbaro, praised the Public Service agency for improving the quality of knowledge of public employees and advised the coordinators of the training to take advantage of it.