As the cabinet resolve to curb the menace and other vices

By M.A. Egge

The past three weeks alone have witnessed 114 accidents in the country claiming over nineteen dozen casualties, with 17 deaths and 196 injuries.

The 104th weekly session of the Council of Ministers chaired by the President His Excellency Musa Bihi Abdi, was held on Thursday and reflected upon the seriousness of the matter and immediately resolved to form a team to delve into the menacing issue and other vices.

A small committee of ministers has been assigned to prepare recommendations on how to prevent, reduce or eliminate unnecessary traffic accidents, combat drug use and trafficking and general misconduct that compounds the matter.

It is worth noting that historic and gigantic steps not seen before have been made nationally in constructing modern roads, both new ones and refurbishment of old ones, in the cities and along inter-cities connection highways.

The general security report of the country was given by the Minister of the Ministry of Interior Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed.

Similarly the Minister of Planning and National Development, Dr. Ahmed Aden Buxhane and the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Hon. Mustafe Mohamud Ali (Godane).

The Minister of the Ministry of Communication and Technology, Dr. Abdi-wali Sheikh Abdilahi Sufi also informed about the progress of the modern system of Government Offices known as E-Government.

Ironically, what the meeting observed was that the recent huge steps made in road infrastructural developments that have seen numerous roads paved, refurbished, or newly constructed have catalyzed the unnecessary accidents that have been seen spiking, contributing to losses in lives and materials.

On the other hand, another similar ministerial committee has been set up to reform international donations to the nation.