The creation of the law comes after the delegation of President Musa Bihi Abdi’s visit to the United States

The President of the United States Joe Biden has enacted into law the Somaliland Cooperation Act under the auspices of United States Fiscal Policy which was approved by the Houses of Representatives and the Senate recently.

The Somaliland-United States Cooperation Agreement, which was part of the United States Defense Act, was signed on Thursday as disclosed by a statement from the White House.

This law, which has been in preparation for a while and drafted by Rep. Chris Smith, requires the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to produce an annual report on the possibility of official relations between the United States and Somaliland and “opportunities for cooperation in regional security issues.”

A section of international media commenting on the subject noted the positivity of the development.

Notably, the Politico newspaper put it, “This reflects on the success of Somaliland in its support for the United States and the pro-Taiwan forces against the influence of China’s expansion in the Horn of Africa.

The creation of this law came through the efforts of the delegation of President Md. Moses led them to the United States.