He calls for security services personnel to be on stand-by

The state has warned Somalilanders who may be along the path being swept by Storm 6 to be vigilant hence desist or keep away from areas around flash floods.

The latest warning sounded by none other than the Interior Minister Hon. Mohammed Kahin Ahmed, the government ordered the provincial administrators, the various arms of the services command and the general members of the public to be on the standby hence caution others to do so.

The minister directed the security personnel to help warn the populace hence at the same time to be on the standby to help affected people in hit areas, if any, hence mobilize their various available facilities to help in rescue or associated operations if needed.

The people of Somaliland have been wary of the Storm 6 waves since it was made public almost a couple of weeks before.

The minister announced that the damage of the storm has so far been felt in Maid and Hiis districts.

He particularly warned those residing along or near flash food areas to be more wary and steer away from the hot spots.

Moreso, he warned public transporters NOT to put their vehicles, lives, properties or lives of the populace in jeopardy hence desist from plying across strong running currents.

Meanwhile the Sanaag regional governor Mohammed Ahmed Aalin revealed that the storm has so far destroyed six houses in Maid, five in Hiis and a shop in its environs.

He further said that untold number of livestock, especially in the coastal areas, has been swept away by the floods caused by the storm.