The Supreme Court of Somaliland has overturned certain sections of the electoral law following a petition by the nation’s President, Muse Bihi Abdi. The legal action modified specific clauses within the electoral legislation.

The judicial body concurred with the president’s plea to void two segments of the electoral law, which he argued were not aligned with the Somaliland constitution.

The invalidated clause stipulated that any organization achieving 20% of the votes in all regions and an equal share of the general ballot would trigger a parliamentary division. The court, aligning with the president, maintained that the elected parliamentary councils lacked the authority to assess the legitimacy of the representatives chosen by the populace.

Additionally, the court ratified the electoral law. According to recent statements by the president, the legislation is finalized, and election preparations are currently in progress. Presidential elections are scheduled to be held in Somaliland on November 13, 2024