Thursday, March 7 2024-In Somaliland, IDLO works to expand and improve access to justice through physical and mobile Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centres. The ADR Centres use community-run customary and informal justice mechanisms to resolve civil disputes and minor offenses, while referring more complex or criminal cases to formal courts.

In Somaliland, through a project funded by the Government of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and implemented by IDLO, the support to the customary and informal justice mechanisms takes an approach known as Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation (PDIA).

In a new product, Strengthening the social contract through access to justice in Somaliland: Reflections from applying the Problem-Driven Iterative Adaptation approach, we break down this approach and reflect on how it’s helping IDLO to identify and address challenges for both actors and users of CIJ mechanisms in Somaliland.