ICAO’s goal of global integration is a failure without Taiwan

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Isse Keyd Mohamud, called on the international community to give Taiwan the opportunity to contribute more to the world, and to participate in the conference of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

A press release issued on Thursday 29th September 2022, by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is said that Taiwan can help, and the world should allow Taiwan to help.

Open Letter to support Taiwan’s participation in ICAO

Our dear friend Taiwan, a democratic country that shares similar values with the Republic of Somaliland has been a great ally to us and we have witnessed first-hand Taiwan’s capabilities and contributions to the international community.

The 41st session of the triennial ICAO Assembly, is being held between September 27 and October 7 this year in Montreal, Canada. This will be ICAO’s biggest event since the COVID-19 pandemic began making the meeting symbolic for supporting the recovery of the aviation sector and also further showcasing the importance of collaboration among all stakeholders in the international aviation community.


The primary goal and main principle of ICAO is to create a seamless sky and we believe this goal cannot be achieved without Taiwan’s participation.

Why Taiwan’s participation in ICAO is extremely important? Here are some concrete facts and reasons:

  1. Taiwan’s participation is crucial and indispensable


The global aviation industry has been hit especially hard by the pandemic, collaboration among all stakeholders in support of passenger health and safe travel is more important than ever. No civil aviation authority should be excluded. The goal of the 41st Assembly session is “reconnecting the world” and including Taiwan would help the world meet this aim.


Taiwan’s Taipei Flight Information Region (Taipei FIR) is part of ICAO’s network of over 300 FIRs. It offers a comprehensive range of information services and streamlines air routes to ensure the safety and efficiency of all aircraft and passengers arriving in, departing, and transiting the Taipei FIR.


In August 2022, military exercises around Taiwan on short notice affected international air routes and jeopardized aviation safety in the Taipei FIR and neighboring FIRs. The situation burdened airlines with additional costs due to their need to take longer and more expensive journeys and substantially increased unforeseen risk.

The Republic of Somaliland has experienced the difference that Taiwan can make when given the opportunity to participate, and as a like-minded country we believe from both a risk and safety management perspective, ICAO should allow Taiwan to participate so that it can communicate with other FIRs to provide and obtain timely information via ICAO.


  1. Sharing Taiwan’s aviation experiences


Taiwan has made every effort to maintain the strong safety record of the Taipei FIR while diligently adhering to relevant antipandemic measures and complying with ICAO’s Standards and recommended practices.


Taiwan’s national carriers have been among the few airlines around the world to remain profitable and Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport is the fourth-busiest airport in the world for international air cargo even during the pandemic.


Participation in ICAO would be meaningful for Taiwan, together with other countries, to contribute to the further development of global aviation.


The Republic of Somaliland knows the importance of global aviation cooperation and hereby calls on ICAO to maintain a professional and neutral stance by inviting Taiwan to this year’s assembly, The global aviation cooperation needs a more comprehensive arrangement to reflect the reality.


The Republic of Somaliland believes “Taiwan can Help” and the world should “Let Taiwan Help”.