Following torrential rains in Hargeisa this week, many internally displaced persons have been affected. The flush floods has swept many  makeshift homes of the internally displaced persons.

This has worsened their situation further, just recently they were evicted from their camp and  had temporarily squatted in an adjacent plot, waiting for resettlement from the government or international organizations.

According to Bulsho television many poor families were rendered homeless by the floods. This has exacerbated the situation of the  IDPs. Many families lost all their properties in the floods.

As we went on a fact finding mission at the IDP camps we found some of the families trying to salvage whatever they could down stream. Other were spreading their waterlogged mattresses and blankets on the sun to dry.

The IDPs and some people residing in low income areas of Hargeisa have been adversely affected.

Some of the families lost everything in the floods, and as we went to press the IDP families requested for tents and polythene papers for rebuilding their ramshackle homes.

The IDP camp residents told the Horn Tribune Newspaper that the only organisations that always helps them is Water Wish NFP international NGO, based in Chicago, USA.  They acknowledged that they receive water supplies and food rations from the coordinator of the organisation Mr.Hassan Ali Saeed.

The inhabitants of the IDP camps called on international and local NGOs to come to their aid.

An elder at the camp informed us the situation has worsened after some families who lost all their livestock in the perennial drought moved to the IDP camps.

In another development the government of Somaliland called on aid organizations to donate building materials, utensils and food stuffs to the affected inhabitants of IDP camps.

By: Guled Abdi Mahir