Vice President H.E. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail (Saili’i) reminded the country’s mayors that it is a great responsibility incumbent upon them to see to it that the members of the public register for voting en mass and similarly maintain security and peaceful stability.

The VP gave the sentiments as he addressed the Annual Meeting of the national Association of Local Authorities Government (AL-GASAL) held in Hargeisa on Monday 19th Dec 2022.

He underscored the importance of  AL GASAL as an organization saying that it was initially established for consultations to impart and exchange knowledge and experience.

He noted that the registration of voters exercise was starting country-wide hence told them, “it is a major responsibility for the mayors of the country, and you must protect the security and encourage the people to get the registration card”.

The VP announced that he would soon leave for the annual trip to monitor the local authority activities and their future plans in the new year.

He said that the JPLG project was underway in the three districts of Erigavo, Lasaanod and Aynaba and that those for the new districts in the eastern parts of the country already planned to be effected in the next year.