By Goth Mohamed Goth

Mr. Mohamed Farah Abdi, the Opposition Waddani Shadow interior secretary said his party wanted a full report from the Somaliland interior ministry on the motive behind the killings in Las Anod, the regional capital of Sool.

The Opposition Shadow interior secretary listed the names of officials who were killed in Las Anod in less than a year and asked the security ministry for a full report on whoses behind the repeated killings in the Sool region.

“We have been witnessing a trend of unsolved assassinations in Las Anod district of Sool region for some time now.

The chairman of the regional National Electoral Commission, the chairman of the regional court, the chairman of the regional intelligence, and a member of the judiciary were killed,” he said.

He went on to say, “We are aware of the lion share of our budget is allocated to national security, not to mention most of our military forces are based in that region, yet the killings of high-level officials go on with immunity.

“We want a full report from the interior ministry on the cause of the killings,” he added.

This comes amid the killing of Mr. Abdirisak Ahmed Elmi (Ardofe), municipal councilor elected on a Wadani opposition party ticket was shot dead by unidentified assailants on Friday in Las Anod, Sool regional capital,

According to sources, Abdirizak Elmi aka Ardoofe was gunned down at the front yard of his home by unknown assailants who immediately fled the scene.

The late Elmi who was a member of Waddani opposition party and was elected to office during the May Parliamentary and Local Government elections.

Following the killing, residents took to the streets in protest of the killing. There was no immediate comment from local authorities.