Press Release 2nd of January 2014

Today The Adal Diaspora in London, have collectively welcomed their Traditional Leader Ugas Abdi Rashid Ugas Doodi Ugas Robleh.

The diaspora members were led by The Traditional Leader of the Adal Diaspora’s in UK & EU Suldan Ilkajir and the councillor of Ugas in London Councillor Harun AbdiRahman Qadi, Overall enormous Adal politicians have jointly participated the welcoming event including young politician AbdiRahman Hamud Aleel, Professor Hassan Mussa Khalif who is the prime host of the Ugas, Hussein Mike, Sucdi Haji Musse and her husband Abdi Nur Omar Qaddi,

The arrival terminal at Heathrow airport, children wore their ancestor’s traditional clothes, amazingly this traditional welcoming style attracted the attention of a lot of tourists/staff members at the airport, were some said is he the Dalai lama of East Africa, mother and youths also contributed their share etc.

Ugas AbdiRashid was excited and heartily smiled for the crowd of his diaspora in London. During the media coverage, The Ugas thanked warmly to all delegates who welcomed him, he then informed to the media, that he will meet both diaspora and other delegates from The Great Britain’s lords.

During his visit, Ugas Abdi Rashid, will participate a welcome event, organized by the traditional leaders in UK, were all the Somali, Ethiopian, Djibouti and East African Diasporas in London are warmly welcome to celebrate with ADAL traditional evening.

The Event will be held in Harrow on Saturday The 4rth of January 2014.

Wa Bilaahi Tawfiiq
Adal Diaspora UK Representative
Abdi Rahman Hamud Aleel


  1. Adal – I have never heard it before, a new clan born recently out of our traditional inflation?

  2. Adal is an old suldanate in Somaliland and part of our heritage. It used to exist during the time when Harar in Ethiopia and Zeila in Somaliland were the major centres in the Horn of Africa. Djibouti did not exist at that time.

  3. Why arent the Somaliland comunity in UK told about this? The Ugaas wiould've been welcomed by all true Somalilanders? Was this a deliberate policy by Adal Diaspora group to exclude non-Samaroon Somalilanders from welcoming the Ugas?


  4. oh, i am very sorry to say about that . Adal empire is no new only u but there arealso many like you who doen't know, by the way it was one o f the earlierest nations in ancient africans