When, where and why to use RRU? The frequent use of SL Rapid Response Unit known as RRU against Somaliland civilians is damaging president Muj Ahmed Siilanyo’s excellent reputation for being caring and honorable statesman.

In fact this is very controversial indeed nobody in government seems to understand when and where to deploy these unit. While i, support the creation of RRU in principle only for specific, and major threat to national security. In a nutshell the Somaliland population are very alarm, and worried the frequent use of RRU in a minor public disorder, and peaceful protest.

I therefore urge president Muj, Ahmed Siilanyo to take a swift and necessary measures to assure the public that his government and officials will only deploy RRU as a last resort. It is vitally important that president Ahmed Siilanyo and his government should always maintained, professionalism integrity, and uphold the law of the land.

At the moment it appears that the government’s popular policies and recent developments, such as Road development pay rise for the army and the police have been over shadowed by the re’ occurrences of SL RRU, daily raid, on civilian houses and random shooting without any regard for innocent lives, on peaceful protesters wishing to express their hard fought, liberty, and democratic rights.

In conclusion the reputation and credibility of the president Ahmed Siilanyo is at stake here simply because he is highly regarded, the father of the nation. Kulmiye party, as a opposition fought a clean campaign to win the heart and mind of all Somalilanders, both at home and abroad pledging, to curb and root out corruption, rebuilding and restoring public confidence.

president Ahmed Siilanyo needs to keep up, that momentum bearing in mind that recent political events in the country, will play a crucial role for re,election of Kulmiye party, presidential candidacy.

Ali. A. Ismail Dheeg_ Burco Sland


  1. Ninkan Siilaanyo wuxuu ugu talo glaly ciidamadan in uu ugu cagjugleeyo oo dulayn iyo bahdilaad ugu gaysto qabaail khaasa. Markay timaado reerkiisa uma quudho inuu u diro RRUda. Waxa taa marag u ah markii Caynaba lagu dilay ninkii Cali Barre iyo rag kaloo fara badan iyo waxa weliba intaas dheer in reer yoonis is hortaageen Genel ilaa loo ogolaaday in la siiyo muqaawilo.

  2. Welfare fraud by Somalians is high in Australia too, particularly child care fraud and relationship status ie live in same home as a couple but claim they are single. See it everyday. The Federal Government knows too and allows it to happen!

    • I do not understand ,what is the welfare fraud by Somalians to do with men with guns or so called (RRU).

    • Debbie,

      I think that you are talking about the dole that refugees are entitled to avail of, aren't you? If not, better to elaborate the mean of welfare fraud.

    • Debbie,
      This website is meant for the Somalia Diasporas to exchange constructive and intelligence ideas…It isn't for welfare junkies… Pls direct your concerns to the appropriate channels should you have valid ones, of course.

  3. Shareeco…. Saxiib you and your kind is truly whats wrong with our society. Silaanyo is your president you elected him and he has been doing a good job so far as i can see. Silaanyo doesn't represent his clan and did nothing for his clan.
    Do you think Silaanyo knows each and every Hj who is out there struggling with his daily break? or do you think if one of your tribe becomes the president your grievance will end and you will become well off?

    Please untangle yourself and selves from this primitive stone age mentality of tribalism and think positively about your country and fellow citizens.

    Yes RRU should be used each time certain ignorant tribalist try to foment anarchy and lawlessness period.

    Ignorance should not be tolerated on the account of the nation and it's being, long life Somaliland.

  4. If one views societies as cranks in kraals, one will not hesitate to create the principles – forces- that can keep them there. What it (RRU)amounts to is a kind of mental and immoral jujitsu in which the actors' are forced to trip society up. The author does not even know whether Siilaanyo is up and around, let alone the possibility that Siilaanyo has the ability to display a poignant maturity to sort the things out.

  5. Waxan la yaabaa Somalidu sideeba waxay hadaasha marka qof reerkooda ah xauun soo gaadho. RRU-da in shacbiga loo adeegso waxa bilaabay Wasiir duur 6/12/12 markii carruurta reer Axmed Dhagax ee aan wax badanba war u hayn la dhexgalay RRU-dan. Maalinta ku xigtay ee 7/12/12 ee haddana odayaashoodii oo dajinaya baananka Hargeisa Stadium isu taagay ee hada laayey. Maalintaa wasiisrd Duur wuu isku amaanayey. Qof kale oo Somaliland ahina kama hadal maalintaas. Maxay hadaba hawlgalka RRu-du aga duwan yahay kii sannad ka hor ay fuliyee?