By Goth Mohamed Goth

World Water Day is coordinated by UN-Water – the UN’s inter-agency collaboration mechanism for all freshwater related issues – in collaboration with governments and partners.

In 2019, the theme for World Water Day is ‘Leaving No One Behind’.

The event will seek to address the water crisis and the reasons why so many people, including women, children, refugees, indigenous peoples, disabled people and others, are “being left behind” as they try to access and manage the safe water they need.

The Ministry of Water Resources in Somaliland celebrates and acknowledges each year World Water Day commemoration. MoWR uses the day to focus public attention on water issues. Water is a scarce resource in Somaliland.

This year’s event held in the second largest city in Somaliland was jointly organized by the Ministry of Water and the Burao water agency.

MoWR has increased the capacity of the water sector. It has well established structure and trained employees. MoWR has regional and district offices throughout the country. It has decentralized its activities and celebrates WWD event each year.

World Water Day was first observed in 1993 by United Nations General Assembly. This year is 26th World Water Day. With a looming drinking water shortage in the world, here are some tips you can adopt to make changes in your daily life.

World Water Day: Don’t waste water. Reuse. Some tips below:

  1.  Start with making small changes in your daily life. After washing the vegetables, use the same water to water your plants and gardens.
  2.  The water drained from RO filters at home can be used for mopping the floor.
  3.  Trap rainwater by installing Rain Water Harvesting systems in your house, locality and fight water shortage.
  4.  While brushing, do not leave your taps running. Be conscious about it and do not spill water.
  5.  Collect your clothes and do the laundry when washing machines is fully loaded. This can help a great deal in saving precious water.
  6. On an average, a person uses 35 litres of water during a 5-minute bath. Try to bathe with one bucket of water, which roughly stores 12-18 litres. Install water-saving showerheads to cut down 80 per cent of your water usage.

remember, every drop counts. Small changes will have big impact and we can leave a better future for the next generation. Happy Water Day!