By Goth Mohamed Goth

The director of administration and finance department in the ministry of Interior Mr. Mohamed Osman Dube yesterday announced that more than 2500 would be job seekers had applied for 45 vacant posts of different categories, marking the deadline for submitting application letters after the new positions were advertised by the interior ministry nearly one week ago.

The Ministry of Interior official said, “The ministry of Interior together with civil service commission shall soon announce the date for the interviews and exam all those job seekers who have already submitted their applications forms and all potential candidates shall be selected through a fair and competitive process.

This is the highest number of job positions ever of to be announced by the ministry.

“We all know the demand of employment opportunities is very high in the country”, he stated.  



  1. This sends the wrong signal to young grduates who believe the government should be the main source of employment. These grads must learn that teh only way for individuals and nations to prosper is through enterprise and private wealth creation.

  2. tribalism is major scan dole in somaliland. we have pass in examination in ministry of finance over 80% in grade A still unemployed , brothers and sister don't waste ur time for nothing !!!!!!!!!!!

    • Understand your position but to suggest not to assume negativity. And frankly 80% is not a good score to land a competitive job