By Goth Mohamed Goth

The director of the Natural disaster Response and Preparedness agency NERAD Mr. Mohamed Muse Awale and the Deputy Governor of Maroodi Jeh region Mr. Rashid Ahmed Mohamed have jointly warned local truck drivers against harvesting sand soil from the hargeisa “Dooh” in order to reduce the risks and impacts of likely disasters.

Mr. Mohamed Muse Awale said, “We decided to take this measures in order to prevent frequent occurrence of disasters and reduce vulnerability to the environment and communities living near the Hargeisa River who are at risk of accidents be caused by truckers harvesting Sand soil and that the harvesting of the sand soil may cause adverse effects on the environment for example, if the amount of water collected from the river bed is not kept proportional to the rainfall it may result to undesirable changes to the ecosystem resulting to the drying up of surrounding vegetation hence the decline of the amount water obtained from underground sources.

The Deputy Governor of Maroodi Jeh region Mr. Rashid Ahmed Mohamed speaking to the media said, “The regional administration office will now henceforth enforce the ban on sand harvesting in the Hargeisa River for commercial purposes.


NERAD is a national institution tasked with effectively coordinating disaster /drought preparedness, mitigation and recovery interventions with other stakeholders in order to reduce the risks and impacts of likely disasters (drought) in Somaliland and managing early warning systems, information sharing and dissemination advocating for disasters and related environmental crisis for strategic decision making and action in the country.

The agency is also tasked with developing a linkage and maintains regional and international contacts with intergovernmental forums involved in mitigating disasters, research and learning.



  1. Hargeisa needs a cleanup. Of course having dump trucks is expensive but why is there no creativity and dynamism and competence? For example why not train 200 camels; attach huge carts on them and use them instead of dump trucks? All you have to do is pay the driver, and feed-the camels. You only need initial capital input. If no Somali camel-trainers are available, hire few Rajputs. they have been training camels to do all kinds of things for centuries

    Actually camels can also be used as camel taxis using same training.