Three men working with the UN have been kidnapped by Khatuumo militiamen in Sool region and are now been for held for the second straight day.

The workers were part of the United Nations Population Fund (UNPFA )team conducting censors on the local population in remote of part taleeh district were kidnapped at gun point by Khatuumo militiamen.

UNPFA workers all men of Somali together with unspecified number of guards who were part of their security detail after they were overpowered by the Khatuumo militiamen who outnumbered the guards.

One of the kidnapped men who were allowed to speak to a websites sympathetic to the Khatuumoist had this to say “I am part of a joint UNFPA-Somaliland team who work for the ministry of national planning.

The militiamen have not yet revealed the where they are holding their captives neither their demands.

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  1. Here we go. I know those cheap kock suckers were gonna come up with this. but at least its three men from their clane. let them have them. another dhuuls down.

    • no somalilanders are all the same we should take care of this people who call themselfs khaatumo once and for all.

  2. Looool Great news 🙂 Khaatumo must teach a lesson those opportunist working with the terrorist administration led by warlord Siilanyo, it doesn't matter whether they're Dhulbahante or not. we must not differentiate separatist. for so long we let them do whatever they want like simply coz of their tribe. that has to change or a lot of people will withdrawn their support from Khaatumo.

      • Why? loool I'm freely expressing my opinions… isn't what comment section for? letting people express their opinions.

        • Ive got family inside "the abduction" case and apparently they were sent by their warlord silanyo to look see if there were khatumo "Militia" in other words freedom fighters..

          • kfc, really, you're ogaadyahan, I thought you were Garaad Jama family AKA Bahararsame, reer Lascanood. btw they'll offered a chance to redeem themselves, nobody is going to hurt them. they're innocent lads who have been brainwashed. looool

          • Apparently your family members have done nothing wrong but only earning bread to live in for their families and they were conducting censors for UN which was beneficial to the local people. The question is, how long your so called freedom fighters will keep your own people in poverty and backwardness. I hope the local people will decide eventually to kick these outlaws out of their areas.

        • Yes you have every right to comment of what you think it is right. But you have commented We do not know what do you mean as these people are working for UN and not for Somaliland Govt that not fair these people are just working for their living and supporting their people what is wrong for that.

      • Amirah Istal-Somali
        Are you the Khaatumo Citizen that I miss so much? Wallee abtiyaday ayaan turub baran! Finally, they have been caught red handed for being real terrorists and proved that they were the ones alerted by British FCO a week ago. The worst of all, those kidnapped were civilians working for UNPFA who all hail from that area and, now they have proven their true motives for being al-Shabab terrorists with different colors. Now, where is the MP of Somalia, Prof. Ali Khalif Galayd? He must have shocked soon he received that bad news. Anyway, the release of these innocent civilians is imminent.

        • Gujis yeah brotha that's me, Last I remember I couldn't post anything using my old username, that's pure discrimination if you ask me. LOL

          as for the terrorists, it's the other way around British FCO specifically told its citizens to evacuate Hargeisa and Buroa. ina godane each year came to Somaliland when he was fightigh in South otherwise how could you explain his wife having a baby each year. Al-kharab AKA alshabab don't promote Somali unity or do they carry the good old blue flag. that's exactly what we are doing. your Abtiyaal are on the right for the first time in 2 decades unfortunately I can't say the same about mine.

          • I'm sorry to learn that you have been discriminated by Kayse and his cohorts. By the way, how did you come to know the wife of that big satan having a baby each year? You must be well informed then. In fact, I never had interest to know about him, but I always assume such maniacs could have dozen of so called wifes wherever they go same as the old Mad Mullah.

          • Gujis, this is well known facts the dude comes to Hargeisa each year, where his family live and it's understandable coz he's protected by his clan just like Hirsi Gaab who has ties with alshabab. btw Mujahid Kayse Ayatollah is my abtiyo and he had nothing to do of you are accusing him. loool

            coming back to Prof Galayr hadalkiisu waa xadiis, the mind of a hero, the sound of an angel, he who speaks the truth and voices for what is right in a time of wrong. okay enough with the Amaan 🙂

          • I am Bahararsame(my dads side) and my mums side is (ogaadyahan). but i agree Ali khalyf is a hero to unionists btw he is a close relative of my dads. i think us dhuloz think alike,dont you agree?

          • KFC think alike, hell yeah coz we're the same blood dee, lool, Good for you brother, it's actually rare to see full Dhulbahante blood, I've never met Bahararsame person tbh only I see Garad Jama, pro Galaydh and Habsade nacas on the TVs LOOOL

            Irir Samaale, Hargeisa has become Al Qaeda's stronghold and we've been telling the world for the last two years, good to see they've finally listened. We're in desperate need of amisom protection in Goboladda Waqooyi, after Siilayo and his Alshabab members failed to spread their Alshababism in Cayn region now they're going wild attacking peaceful cities in Sool region and Sanaag is next then Togdheer, W/Galbeed, Awdal etc. we're not willing to sit around and let them destroy the peace Northerns enjoyed thus far.

          • Ah KC i was wondering where you was lol anyways there are rumors speculating that Mr Godane is chilling in Hargeisa right now no BS.

          • Gujis inabti I'm not Jamac Siyaad but I know for sure inay Khaatumaysanyihin, I can't see the video tbh but there's no denying it, there were few who supported SL when Riyale was the president and if there's still some who support siilanyo administration waa wiilal yaryar who have been brainwashed as far as I concern Garaad Jamac Garad Ismael is their general garad and he's pro-Somali republic.

            now they having Shir beleed in Dan-Dan togdheer (cayn) we will see the out come. Midakale idinka Habr Jeclodiina maxaa na kiin dhexgaliyay we don't even know your subdivision clans maybe we Dhulos should support Boqor Buurmadow's subdivison clan who are pro-union LOOOL

  3. Taleh district need good taming by the Somaliland Armed Forces in the area. Let us see what happens???

  4. The Armed forces of the Somaliland Govt should take full control of Sool and Sanaag by sealing
    their borders. Without this, the threats of Khaatumonists would always be around with different
    aces. There are Media reports that the Puntland and Somaliland are having certain clandestine
    covert talks for future better bilateral relationships based on the two neighbourly peoples
    interests respecting the colonial boundaries of both Garowe and Hargeisa just like the
    boundaries between Hargeisa and Djibouti. If these reports are true, then the false dreams
    of Khaatumonists(SSC) are all over buried into the graveyard for good keeps.Between Garowe
    and Mogadiscio let us see which City gains the upperhand in dealing with the Somaliland legit

  5. Folks, share with me the picture on the website saying " ever been arrested"..I mean the photo
    with the twisted two funny thin moustaches??? Btw is that Kayse's cosmetic Picture..pretty scary stuff
    and funny..mohahahaha

  6. Separatists are getting slap after slap even from minor cowboys in Sool region and they want to be an imaginary "state". Somalis in Sool will not harm their fellow Somalis but you guys need to stop misleading the poor guys….they will come back with a sense of Somali nationalism. I know they are in good hands.


    Thank you for making that comment. Show the true colors of Secessionist.

    Oh by the way, you know this ain't a good look for you secessionist in the IC. Because believe me the IC knows the difference between SSC militia and al shabab. This will only weaken your BS case.

    The Brits don't want get caught in that, why do think they told their citizens to S/L.

    As for taking your pretend Army across to the other side, we both know that would be disaster. If S/L really could don't you think they would've already. Secessionist are not even playing the game right, get your head the game, before you make outlandish statements that your very pretend government would tell you it's stupid idea.

    • To tellmetruth person,
      Why do not you show your true colour ?If I am right i can remember one article you commented that you losted family members during the war and you wanted all Somalis to forget what happened before! Now I sense man encouraging terrorism and bloodshed. These men have not done anything wrong, they just went there to do their job and they are facing something no one wishes to go through. I hope they will not be harmed by individuals who do not respect human life at all, but care few dollars they made from the human terror. I wish them safe and well.

  8. Khatumoseeg keep kidnapping innocent people! They know they dont have a majority in the region so that is why they resort to violence and kidnapping! Keep doing it, you're only shooting yourselves in the foot! Keep it up pleeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

    • come again

      this is the problem with you. you want other Somali to respect your boundary and wishes. but you don't want to extend the wishes to other people who don't share your dreams or ambitions and at the same breath you're lying about whose the majority support. sir if that were the case sool region and sanaag except las qoray which has nothing to do with Somaliland. Ic wouldn't call this area war zones. So the minority cannot do that you can always marginalize them, but when you're dealing with the majority. it's completely different all together. last but not least. if you can wait one hundred years. we can fight for our right and what's rightfully ours another two hundred years.

      • We reer-lascanood don't support these ugly actions by terrorists from FAROOLE-land. These terrorists are kidnapping the same people that help us. That dog faroole must be tough a lesson before he destroys our sool.

        • hamza
          stop this shameless plot. because it's no more secret. we know who we are and I don't know what has to do with faroole.if you've not notice faroole has his hands full.furthermore we the inhabiting of sool decided. we don't want to be on this long never ending journey.

  9. Folks, I tell you…the bad guys with Kayse's bigfoot are filling this website with the usual crap.

  10. None pride for this terrorist milita. Why they don t attack SL army forces if they are real men?.Pitiful. And some haters support this action like tribalist Amirah lol.

    • Why didn't the snm attack the freedom fighters if your militias are real men? Saaxiib ninkii dhoof ku yimi bay geeridu dhibaysaa. I support 100% my cousins in Sool, Sanaag and Cayn in defeating the Satanic movement and controlling their land.

  11. They are nothing but caardumo…shutting their last life line by kidnapping the very same people that are worth for and with them to assist the malnourished kids in saan bare.

  12. Like I said if they had a majority they wouldnt resort to violence and kidnapping! If they had the numbers and the support they would get organized but they wont because that would only show just how small of an actual population they are, so guess what they do kidnap people, attack security personnel.

    If they truly are serious and want to be taken seriously then take the legal route and be peaceful like Somaliland! But you cant can you? Because again you dont have the numbers! bahahaha its a double edged sword!

    If you organize the rest of the country will see just what a paper tiger you are, but if you attack you will be seen as violent id i o ts, man Somaliland wins again!

    • Come Again

      I've said it before and I'll say it again. khaatumo is not equal to you and nobody claims.this organization was formed to eradicated people who have no business of running affair of SSC and imposing their will on them. So they can stop this ill-informed and not well conceived agenda that neither has time-table how long people have to be on this never-ending journey nor it has brought a whole lot help to needs of ordinary inhabiting.Another thing since you always like to invoke and use examples of this nation call U.S.A the early struggle again the most powerful nation in that time Britain. the most damage was done by framers who had next nothing in term of weapon and man power compare to what they were up against it.So the question is. how they do it? insurgency and hit and run wait them on the roads and loot them. make them life's hell to do business in their land. there was nothing honorable the tactics they used but it was effective. therefore there's method to the madness .with that being said . I want and it's my hope this individuals will be release immediately. don't ask me why. I've my own reasons.

  13. Shabab Had total control over 80% of Somalia-Italia and they still have Majority influence in Somalia-Italia. 20,000 Amisom are confined to Muuqdishu and the afgoye corridor, the Kenya's have a colony in Kismanyo, the Ethiopians have a colony in west and Djibouti has a colony in the west too.

    How much control Does Hassan Mahamoud's Road-Map government control with Somali-Troops?

    0% and it is more disgusting they pretend and claim territory colonized by foreigners.

    As for Sool 90% of the Sool-degaan is peaceful besides a small disgruntled group who are making a name for themselves as a terror group. Nothing good could ever come out of their existence.

  14. I know what Khatumoo is trying to do and that is to get worldwide attention for their movement but
    this could backfire on them big time

    • LOL sxb you got the wrong idea, the "Kidnapped" were caught red handed trying to spy on khatumo men. anyways mate why would we need int. attention when weve got Mogadishu's legit recognition? but i do thing we need more support for unionists in northern Somalia.Anyways you heard that khatumo gets its own funding from donor countries prior to the Xamar been recognised?

      • I'm not disagreeing with that but in eyes of the IC these were UNPFA so will see it different.

        IC recognition will dwarf the Mogadishu's one and when you're talking about donor countries you mean as in the Somalis living their right ?

        Also whats your opinion about the depressed cab driver Farooles crazy rhetoric's that is coming out of his mouth lately.

        • LOL sxb farole is a dying horse,and faisal warabe judt stabbed him in the back when he said clearly f off. I think what Somalia needs is a good clean justice system which only goes after warlords ie farole,silanyo and the rest that are still alive and living in other countries. Wallahi its time for justice for the Somali people.

  15. These UN vulnerable workers need to have a valid visa in advance before crossing into Puntland. Now let them enjoy the fruits of their idiotically.

  16. War maxay ku hadlayan? ogaadyahan, Bahararsame… khaaaakh.

    Ya yaqana waxan? La xawla walaa quwata illa billah.

      • Well done Amirah Istal-Somali. I actually didn't know what to do with his comment but your reply was hilarious!!!

        • hahahahhaha Sahro horta what does he mean by Khaakh? Khaakh means spits right? so Ugaadhyahan is obviously a Somali phrase which means a hunter and Bahwarsame is like reer Warsame so how can that be khaakh? LOOOL Probably he's under Khat influence, Balaayo ku heshay dheh Marfashkii buu fadhiyaa, Murqaankaa Ka tusay baan maqli jiray…. LOOOL

  17. I don’t think they would have done this if there wasn’t the recent British security warning in Somaliland. It’s just their way of trying to cease the moment and vindicate the British. But by doing so they have just proved they are indeed a terrorist group. I wonder how Mr Galaydh will justify this.

  18. Siilaaanyo is responsbile for the continuation of these crimanal rag tag group..It is easy to to hunt them down but having a weak and stupid president of SL allows them to do what ever they want at will..

  19. Siilaanyo is responsible for the continuation of these criminal rag tag group.. It is easy to hunt them down but having a weak and stupid president in charge allows them to do what ever they want at will..

    • You're the unrecognized criminal and the rag-tag so-called army roaming people's land. how dare you force anyone to abide-by a white slave master that came century ago the area is the starting point for a border. Sir before you call people stupid take a long hard look at yourself. because you got no business of hunting anybody or engaging any other illegal activity and you need to be reminded you are trespassing.

  20. Reer Abtigeen Dhulbahante waa rag xabadi nagadhaxayso oo leh inima rabno Taasina waa raganimo, raguna waa islaayaan waana heshiinkaraan, laakin reer koonfureed boos ugama banaana meeshan.