Faisal Ali Waraabe, Chairmen of UCID Party, and Khaalid Hassan H.Mahamud, UCID Representative to Socialist International and EU, attend the meeting of the Council of the Socialist International in Cascais, Portugal.

UCID Party became a member of the Socialist International following the historic SI Congress held in South Africa September 2012. The Socialist International are holding their first meeting of its Council in Cascais, Portugal, on 4-5 February, hosted by the Portugese Socialist Party.

Under the heading “The World Economy: Our Vision for Growth, Jobs and Sustainable Development”, the Council’s agenda will address the following aspects “The Eurozone Crisis: From here, which way forward?”; “Emerging and Developing Economies in an ‘Out of Crisis’ Strategy”; and “Multilateral Institutions and other International Actors in the Search for Fair and Sustainable Answers”.

Chairmen of UCID Party, Faisal Ali Waraabe met with Luis Ayala, Secretary General of the Socialist International and with George Papandreou, President of the Socialist International and Prime-Minister of Greece, Alfred Gusenbaur, former Prime Minister of Austria. The UCID representatives met with the African block and member parties of the Socialist International.

The meeting takes place in Cascais(Portugal) from Monday 4 February till Tuesday 6 February.




  1. And what of that? what meeting with other parties contribute to Somaliland ? What is the point behind this?
    can ony one elaborate on this?

    • 🙂 It means UCID has 1000% more Legitimacy then Damu-Jadiid that had to buy 190votes to get SELECTED President of a 4sq Km compound guarded by Amisom while pretending to be a country recognized by the USA.

      Faisal's UCID party is not only more Legitimate but has greater credibility then the 4sq Km government run by greedy individuals serving their own self interests.

      • Legitimacy is one thing and creditbiity is another, and one should not be confused. We know UcId is a legitimate party and one of the Somaliland parties that will contest the presidential election in 2015. Credidibility is revealed what someone has done for own coutry especially when the moment is hard.. I did not see this in Faisal's political history.

      • Damu-Jadid is not a party idiot. It is a society group from all the tribes of Somali people, including Is@@q's. Therefore you can't compare it with with party. The President's party is PDP. Buuxiye, stop embarrassing yourself every time.

        • Truth
          your ignorance is above all ,as you donot know how to describe a policy and a political party you are failing every step you attemp to explain something.you should give you self a time and seat so you wash your brain up filled with filth because you believe tribalism is a policy , what tribe whether filthy DAROD you are or HAWIYE no matter you monger and i beleive every one from Somalia is war monger and your hands are dirty so make peace between your wolf community and shut up the big mouth.

          • Lol, what are you talking about? Gosh, when have I stated or gave the hint of being tribalism or believing tribalism to be a policy? If anything, you are tribalism, who supports one clan nation. I simply explained what Damu-Jadid is mate. Is funny how you seem to accuse me of something you are. Let's compare me and you. I stand for Somalia as one, from Zeylac to Raskamboni. Where you stand for, one clan nation under an umbrella called Somaliland. Who is tribal minded? Is funny how your pathetic attempt actually exposed you.

        • Talking is cheap..prove it indeed if you can and boldly can say like Obama..yes we can???
          Otherwise keep cheap talking!!!.

  2. Of course, that was a high profile meeting, but as Somalilanders, what have we gained there from? Just Faisal to occupy a chair and sit there as a white elephant.

  3. This is a gathering of Politcal Parties who share a certain ideologies,not a gathering if goverments. If one wants to know what Somaliland benefits from international conferences, ask the Minister of Foreign Affairs!

  4. pour a cup of qaxwa for Fasal Ali warabe and kadhur, he'll tell you all knows. the guy wears his heart on his sleeve. I like the answer he recently gave to Faroole '' labada gobol uu dusha ku sito'' kulaha hahahahahha

    • kkk,Amirah.

      we know warabe and his s/land project failed completely. it's time to give proper burial this project kk. faroole he was sending massege to mogadishu when he said with consultion with Puntland nothing will go forward. also adding fake statement Puntland will join s/land region, who wants to join sinking SHIP kkk.

      • KKKKK cali

        We all know the terrible and tribal 2 city region of banana-land has long failed when faroleh came to power. There is no point in really trying to say you will join somaliland as they will refuse you.All in all, the darood tribal project failed.

  5. The truth is they (Grieveland) have been attending useless conferences since 1991 and nothing has changed the reality on the ground. Don't be surprised if tomorrow they don't break the news as "Garadagland Tacsi Party attends carpet conference in Persian carpet city".

    The separatists believe if they attend a conference that qualifies them as a "state". So many Somalis attend so many conferences under so many tags; "Somali fishing group attends fishing conference in Ankara….Somali Dirah Association attend dirah show in Dubai"….this is not any different except they like to add "international"….they not on the IC media thus its just another kalaay ila ciyaar.

    • IT is good to see you give your critical views on somaliland but there are 10000 of your sisters being molested by your own people with the help of Bantu invaders. I don't know whether to laugh at your people or cry for them, they are abusing themselves and they want others to join them.

  6. What a loosers, couple of guys sitting Empty place. what a shame. i knew somaliland movie will come to this.

    • We all know the terrible and tribal 2 city region of banana-land has long failed when faroleh came to power. There is no point in really trying to say you will join somaliland as they will refuse you.All in all, the darood tribal project failed.

      • hamza.

        Are you crazzy who wants to join somalilan region sinking ship,. you must out of your mind, today somaliland region ( one tribe system) is in very bad shape indeed. now they have no where to go ALL doors lock.

  7. That is important International conference and the UCID opposition party chairman participating
    on behalf of Somaliland is prestigious. Eng. Faisal is just doing great.

  8. This is really some thing special in terms of Democracy , We as Somalilander are very Glad To see one of high profile political opposition leader Faisal Ali warabe Represent as Somaliland , and This meeting is World wide congress of social democratic leaders in CAISCAIS portugal .In this Meeting to tell to the world how Democratic you are as Party and That is what UCID party and Its leaders shows as shown in picture .