By Goth Mohamed Goth

A Five day international training on “Introduction to Peace building and Peace Support Operations for civilian Personnel” was concluded yesterday hosted by the university of Hargeisa and Scuola Superiore Santa ‘Anna which is based in Italy.

The director of the institute of Peace and Conflict Studies Prof. Aden Haji Ali thanked all those who took part in the training program and especially the Scuola Superiore Santa ‘Anna team led by Dr. Andrew and the Chancellor of the University of Hargeisa Prof. Gaas and all the staff who made this program a success.

Prof. Aden Haji Ali speaking during the closing function said, “The Introduction to Peace building and Peace Support Operations For civilian Personnel” training program and the training programme had drawn participants from the civil societies, government and international NGO’s and had originally attracted more than 45 participants although only 35 participant undertook more than participants who came from six countries and different  backgrounds to discuss the role of civilians in peace keeping missions

IPCS director said, “The participants had during the duration of the training covered various topics among them different role of civilians in peace keeping missions, UN structure , Gender Sensitivity ,Security, human rights, peace building , Awareness of the different typologies of field operation ,Gender aspects of peace, human rights education, introduction to ROL and transitional justice, UN System and how the organizations works, POC as it relates to peace keeping in the context of operational concept just to mention a few in the package.DSCN6312

Above I.P.C.S Director Prof. Aden Haji Ali

Dr. A. H.  Gaas thanked the participants for putting up with five days of training of regular courses of learning peace building and to maintain peace and also most important of all to learn all those things which are necessary to maintain and govern peace and that it really gave him pleasure to see Hargeisa University collaborating with Scuola Superiore Santa ‘Anna which is based in Italy and that he hoped it will be the start of series of collaboration shall continue into the future and also all those who took part and supported the program.

DSCN6340The Chancellor  of   Hargeisa University Dr. A. H.  Gaas pictured above 

The Chancellor speaking on behalf of Hargeisa University said, “We are happy to have with us here   Miss Laura one of the participants of the training programme and who also happens to be a Student of Scuola Superiore Santa ‘Anna and that he hoped Laura would be a good ambassador for future exchange programs.

Mr. Omer Jama who spoke on behalf of the participants said, “I and my collogues are today happy to have participated in the peace building program and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the administration of Hargeisa University for taking the trouble in organizing program and all those who facilitated the program both local and international for the knowledge sharing and for the training , I and collogues who came from Somalia and Puntland and other countries had the opportunity to meet and familiarize and most of all to exchange our views on the matter and we all had gained knowledge .

DSCN6351Ms. Laura of Scuola Superiore Santa ‘Anna

Ms. Laura said speaking on behalf of Scuola Superiore Santa ‘Anna University and my comrade Prof. Andrea who has already returned to Italy, “I would like to personally the dean of the institute of peace and conflict resolution Prof. Aden, Dr. Gaas and Hamze for organizing this event which I am sure it will be the first of series of collaboration between the Scuola Superiore Santa ‘Anna University and IPCS, University of Hargeisa that being said I would like on my part to thank all of you as members of peaceful community and for the hospitality extended to me during my stay which made me feel at home and it was an honor to be among you as a European and also a woman ,although  I am upset to be leaving so soon when I was beginning to adopt with the life here but I hope this will not be my last visit and I am sure if God willing that we shall have the opportunity to meet again in the future, once again I say thank you.

The Secretary General of Guurti, Hon Abdillahi speaking at the closing ceremony he began by elaborating on the history of peace building in our society even before the common law was introduced to our country   have negotiated inter-clan disputes and kept the peace as you are aware of we have tradition that no Somali meeting ends until a consensus has been achievedDSCN6382UNDP representative  Mr. Garvey

UNDP representative a Mr. Garvey speaking at the function said, “I am glad to be sitting in Hargeisa learning peace; it’s very nice to be in a place which has experienced peace and also has knowledge of it and when we look at the importance of the issue you’re are learning in this course such human rights and gender the you will see the importance of the cross cutting issues that kind off cut through almost everything we all do and it’s not only in the peace keeping front or peace building and to understand how this issue are so important across the board is good, UNDP provides help by providing the expertize  need by the institute but again I believe you the people of Somaliland have more to offer to the world in terms of peace building because you ‘re the ones who have lived through it.


Minister of National Planning Dr. Saad Ali Shire Addressing the Participants

Minister of National Planning Dr. Saad Ali Shire who is also a member of the Hargeisa University board speaking at the ceremony began by saying, “ I feel honored and privileged to part of the closing ceremony of an international training happening here at the University of Hargeisa ,in Hargeisa and in Somaliland particularly when the training is about peace and how appropriate  here in Somaliland we regularly face on first hand basis the challenges of building peace , finding peace and maintaining peace.

Peace can be very elusive it’s not easy to find it, it’s not easy to build it and it’s not easy to maintain it but you can also learning to keep it and it’s never eternal and this is an area which whereby I believe we can share valuable experience with the rest of the world and for me it’s a dream come true, this University was started some 50 years ago although it already sounds long time ago. We had a dream of creating not just a University which not only produces undergraduates but a one also which is a research center, intellectual hub and international vocal point and that’s what exactly we are witnessing today and I hope this will not be the last training of its kind but the first one of many to follow and I hope that partnership with Scuola Superiore Santa ‘Anna will flourish and I also hope that we shall in the near future share students and staff and not only programs.

Lastly the National Planning Minister concluded his speech by saying, “I would like to thank  on behalf of the University of Hargeisa Board all those individuals and organizations who extended their support and contributed towards this training programme most notably the institute of peace and conflict studies  Santa’ Anna, University of Hargeisa, Foreign Affairs Ministry and UNDP which off course supports this Institute and I would like to congratulated the participants who took part in the  training and completed the course , I hope you would apply what you have learned in this course so that we can strengthen our peace ,thank .