The Signing Ceremony at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral

By Goth Mohamed Goth

Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh has signed a deal with Chinese firm GUANGZHOU DONGSONG ENERGY CO LTD that will pave way for the exploration, mapping and extraction of coal.

Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh speaking during the signing function which took place in his offices speaking moments after he had put his signature he contractual agreement said, “The visiting representative of GUANGZHOU DONGSONG ENERGY CO LTD and the government of Somaliland have signed this deal which will now pave way for the exploration of minerals and the extraction of coal in the country in the near future.

Mr. Mao Jie who is the Vice President of the GUANGZHOU DONGSONG ENERGY CO LTD, a company which has an operating funds worth more than $1 Billion signed the deal on behalf of the energy company said thanked the government and the people of Somaliland of whom he said stand to benefit from this deal he said the company will built an electricity generating factory in the country which will be powered by coal. 

Vice President of the GUANGZHOU DONGSONG ENERGY Mr. Mao Jie speaking during the signing ceremony invited the Somaliland Minister of Energy and Mineral Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh to come and a visit with all expenses covered by Chinese company.

GUANGZHOU DONGSONG representatives had spent a good part of last week visiting various places in the country Somaliland will now be the fifth country Chinese company four African countries conducting oil and mineral exploration.

Hon Hussien Abdi Dualeh revealed to the media that the recently concluded 20th African Mining conference Indaba ,S.A and of which Somaliland will now henceforth be a member had helped in influencing the Chinese deal now that Somaliland mineral potentials has been mapped.

“Our country has undergone for democratically held electoral changes and as I said we have no conflict of any kind, basically we are a beacon of peace and stability in the horn of Africa and we are interested in bring up our mining sector at a speed in which we did with our Hydrocarbons sector,” Somaliland Minister of Energy and Mineral resources who was among the 17 Minister s from Africa told participants gathered ministerial forum at the 20th African Mining Conference s Indaba, South Africa.



  1. I will be curious as to which clan will be offered the transportation contract that will be used to transport the exploration experts. Let us wait and see.

    • The GOSL should encourage multiparty systems strategies away from clanism.
      There should be regional assertions than clanism nonsenses.T he sooner
      the integrated Multipartism works the better and less problems.

  2. This is good enterprising project, if it is not a propaganda, lies that Siilaanyo administration used to tell,as a weapon for a national development.

  3. Why don't they do it themselves if there is coal in the first place?

    Unless they want Chinese workers imported by Chinese companies. Dadkan maskaxdooda maxaan nacay. The Chinese will only export the coal, when we need to save SL environment from deforestations.

  4. I hope these Chinese are not going to pollute the under ground water reserve, the government should take care how the Chinese do the job if its true.

  5. we are wlcm u in both hands needs to improve the infrastructure of indigenous!!!!!!!!!!!! and create lots opportunities and extension to various areas of gemstones