By: Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr|Hargeysa, Republic of Somaliland|

The choice of the electorate is sometimes a crucial cause for many aspects. It defines the future and destiny of the country, as it determines the parameters of success and failure of its citizens. After nearly 8 years of confusion, corruption, mismanagement, and intentional obstruction of the rule of law and the national constitution, on June 26 2010, the Somaliland electorate have decided and determined on their country’s future. At a time whenthe need for change was highly inevitable, HE Mr. Ahmed M. Mohamud (Silaanyo) became the second President of Somaliland Republic, freely and fairly elected by the people of Somaliland. He was elected at a time when Somaliland was heading into the wrong direction and seemed the people of Somaliland were leaving behind a period full of hope and expectations and entering an environment of fear and uncertainty.


The winning of the presidential elections by President Ahmed Silaanyo and his Party (Kulmiye) was therefore a win for democratic values, nation spirit and solidarity. It was a win for strength of character, ability to take moral responsibility, resilience and re-emergence of hope. In fact, it was a great win for all peace & development loving Somalilanders. The people of Somaliland had given the President a full mandate, the political capital and legislative means to serve the nation and the national interest in the first place, to do things better and to act and operate according to the rule of law and country’s constitution.


The government of President Ahmed Silaanyo has inherited one of the most unfavourable socio-economical and political situations in our country. The scale of the mistakes and negligence of the former government was all too apparent. The former administration left behind a bankrupt country and a nation in limbo. The economy and public sector was about to fall apart, no government department was functioning as it should’ve been. The public morale was very low and the confidence in government was at its lowest point ever.


When President Ahmed Silaanyo came to power, from day one he understood clearly unless he makes the necessary changes in the many areas where the Somaliland’s citizens were dissatisfied, it would be very difficult to regain the public confidence. One of the key priorities of the newly elected President was to win back the people’s confidence, trust and belief in the political system, in government as well as in the democratic system and social justice. HeputtogetheraCabinet ofall talents and exceptional abilities with strategic visions and a clear policy agenda. He came up with new policy initiatives, a new government with new priorities based upon an effective, responsive and transparent Cabinet.


He started to combat and reverse the corruption and mismanagement that set in during former administration. He introduced many innovative ways of getting involving the mainstream of the society into development, politics and achieving of social objectives. The government of President Ahmed Silaanyo has come with a collective and effective strategy based on unyielding vision and mission, inspiration and ambition, justice and decisiveness, teamwork and transparency, honesty and sense of social responsibility, focusing mainly on general public interest rather than specific kith and kin or special inner circle groups. Driven by a sense of patriotism and following the courage of his convictions, President Ahmed Silaanyo leads the country into the right direction. In a relatively very short time, the President has translated his electoral promises into concrete and visible results.




President Ahmed Silaanyo has both the motive and opportunity to look back with satisfaction into the performance and the results realized by his government during the past 3½ years. Somaliland citizens should understand the unfavourable circumstance in which this government started when they took the office, where they have come from and where they are now. We need also to see and recognize the undeniable progress in different fields and the substantial achievement this government has made so far.


The President of Republic of Somaliland is a leader with a Mission and Mandate who gave a clear voice to a nation that the outside world has little heard of their voices. He is the President of the People, by the People and for the People.


As the citizens of the Republic of Somaliland, we should be very proud of the good name and reputation of our country as the Beacon of Peace, Stability, Democracy and Development in the Horn of African Region. We need to strengthen the key elements that work for the social fabric and public interest and bring the citizens together, putting emphasis on our shared values, history and common destiny that enables us to pull together as a nation. We must also prevent and combat everything that divides and breaks up our nation. We should be aware of the fact that our country’s future is as bright as we make it. This is the fundamental reason why we ought to fight for what we believe in!



May ALLAH (SXWT) protect the true and genuine patriot!


By: |Eng. Hussein Adan Igeh |Hussein Deyr|Hargeysa, Republic of Somaliland|





  1. Who is this writer trying to fool!!! We have all the eyes and intuitions to see who truly Silanyo is. It is no surprising however to see a belly- politician to come up with a rosy picture of an otherwise frowned upon and debilitating internal and external politics inherently attributed to a weak and clan driven president – as the adage" gorayo la ogaayoo had bay noqotay"

    SL is now yearning for the true leader " President Rayale", a leader imbibed with personal integrity, wisdom, patriotism and loyalty to serve not for himself or for aspecific clan or a group but devoted to the betterment of all.
    President Rayale handed over a united SL people with a complete recognized borders contrary to a divided SL people, east regions missing, and a simmering disenchantment in the west, rampant misappropriation of the national resources and foreign aids…… Just to name a few
    No more and no more of another mid placement of our votes. Soon he will be booted out of the office, so wait and see.

  2. With all due respect if Somalilandpress is going to publish this kind of "info-commercial" articles, it should at least put a tag at their bottom stating whether these articles represent their editorial policy. I am all for showing your support for the President, the opposition or any other ideas or political opinion, but, at least make the article relevant, not just the usual party propaganda.

    • Saleebaan: It is obvious the article is an opinion but it also serves as a propaganda and that is fine journalistic-ally. It is your prerogative to attack the message and not the messenger (

      • Abdi, I am not attacking anyone, but, in the terms of balance, and for your own journalistic credibility, make it clear, that this is does not reflect the views of Somalilandpress, otherwise, you will be just another sycophantic website. The author is entitled to his opinion, however, you must make it clear that you are neither endorsing nor rejecting the views expressed in the article. Unless, of course, the article does reflect your views, and there is nothing wrong with that either. If the message and the messenger are the same, then by all means good luck to you.

        • Saleeban: All I was saying is even though the article is an ad, none the less it is a free speech, a free speech, stifled under warlord/ dictator Siilaanyo. Usually somalilandpress is careful and posts the authors name most of the time and when it is its own editorial they state so.

  3. Kuluc: Ku-rujiye Kama-kace, a name that spells ciyaala suuqnimo is one of the leading Generals of the Dung Beetles clan. Gadhka Warsame Xaad is not properly stated. The proper way to say it is "Xorfada Gadhka Ilma Warsame Xaad", a place very close to my heart, which unlike Balicalanle does not have swarms of mosquito or lizard infested trees. In Ballicalanle there was a one villager called "Xaajiga" who used to talk to these lizards. He was a poor man and yet he will always be chewing qat. No one could figure how this could happen. People used to say he is married to a jin wife. His wife had alot of sheep but nobody would purchase her sheep and she had to bring it to Burao where she sold her sheep. The Xaaji used to frequently visit another village called Ina Shansha Cadde (another village in Balli Weyn settlement) as it too has trees infested with lizards.
    Balli Weyn is where Xirsi Beenaale said he joined SNM. I was there in 1983 when I attended Burao's Sheikh Yussuf Al-Kowneyn middle school and I never saw him. I even never heard his name. But a beenale would say anything to get a credit. Even Siilaanyo never came to Taala Buur his birth village which lies on the Southern edge of Balli Weyn settlement.

    • Abdi,
      It seems that you are familiar with Balli Weyn and its beautiful landscapes where even the lizards and other living things can find a peaceful environment with no fear of being hunted or disturbed in their habitats. Surely, some members of my immediate family live both in Balli Calanle and Ina Shansha cadde and these villages and the whole of Somaliland are always very close to my heart too. However, I wonder how you failed to tell the truth about the natural beauties of these places, although I don't need any information about these places from you. In other words, I travelled so extensively throughout your area of settlements during my childhood and the subsequent years of my adulthood and even I still remember the good old days when the people of Benderwanaag village used to stand along the road to Hargeisa with milk containers, of course, it was before the road to Hargeisa was diverted from it. Anyhow, I'm not going to despise any parts of Somaliland territory for the sake of your uncultured behaviour, but the question is, how come that the diehard tribalists and propagandists of this forum are all hailed from same areas, namely; Kuluc, Neero, Abdi, Kayse and many others. Anyway, I have to raise this question to my friend Mr. Ali Waran-Cadde then see what he will answer.

      • Kama kace,

        Calling those who criticize Siiraanyo and his corrupt administration as tribalists is not a new phenomenon. It is the slogan of those who blindly rally behind Siiraanyo. Projecting this senseless slogan is the scene of unwelcome progress in Somaliland democracy.

  4. Hussein Deyr, one of the biggest afku-macaash propagandists in London wants to secure the position of the Manager of the national TV. Xirsi Beenaale will soon replace Khadar Ali Gaas with Mr. Deyr.

  5. Beyond all reasonable doubts, the good governance of HE President DR Muj Ahmed
    Silaanyo fulfilled many good promises and continues to live up to all the remaining
    promises. his Govt is unexcelled…damn the rebel dissidents

  6. The writer has spoken his mind well. Those of you who see any expression of opinion that does not foment unrest, clanism, lies, ignorance is not worthy of your attention should keep away from these pages. Somalilandpress is a true objective vehicle for honest opinions, not the stilted innuendos some of you would have obviously like to populate it with.

    Somaliland has seen no better President than H.E. President Siilaanyo. For those who will follow him he has cut a blazing track record that very few can keep up with.

    It is only when you recognize greatness in others that you can claim yours.

  7. Death is there because there is life. And to live life fruitfully and faithfully is what makes it significant. Life lived for a cause carries even death into the realm of divine grace. What purpose does it serve? What is your orientation in life? Which category one belongs to? What you say and why say your message? Sycophancy is for the failures, but not for the victors, those who fulfill their social responsibility, worldly duties–towards family, society and religion. The writer is just a great Guulwade, and Guulwade's life orientation is full of a handful of lies.

  8. Oh no not another of those doesn- the-sun-shine-out- of my-cousin's- backside articles. This is as bad and as moronic as those childlike attacks on Silanyo that SLP publishes on these pages every week.

    But you should really charge this guy an advertisement fee. Ridicolous doesnt quite cover it.