By Goth Mohamed Goth

Hargeisa-Somaliland Minister of Energy and Minerals Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh was among those attending a one day youth integration basketball tournament held today in Hargeisa intended to promote social integration through promoting sports and aims to bring together youths from different social backgrounds for joint sporting activities that will help facilitate an environment in which they all interact.

Tamarta and Wahabarashada basketball teams squared off at the famous Tima Aade Centre in central Hargeisa aimed to use sport to address issues such as school dropouts, violence among youths and drug awareness.

I want the youths to know that we are all working for their better future because a sport in general is good for the physical wellbeing by keeping their body and mind healthy. These games are meant to help the youth stay away from drug abuse, illegal migration and other social vices. I urge our youngsters to enjoy the games and integrate well with the peers,” Energy Minister said before kicking a ball to open the one day basketball Tournament.


Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh promised more support for youth programs through the Ministry of Energy and Minerals Resource basketball team which is sponsored by his Ministry which supply’s them with uniforms and other sports kit with the hopes the tournament will help nurture football and basketball talent as well as help it pick the best sportsmen who will in the future represent Somaliland in such international tournament. He urged the sporting youth to enjoy the opportunity presented to them.

“This is a very important event in Somaliland because youth are the most important and the largest group in the community. For the sake of integration, we hope this sporting event will help foster unity among the youth of Somaliland,” Hon Mahmoud Warfaa the deputy chairman of the ruling party central committee in Hargeisa stadium.


Hon Warfaa added “We are very glad our young players have been given this opportunity to take part in this important basketball tournament. The competition will help us pick the best youngsters who will automatically join the junior national team whom we hope to nurture and prepare well for future representation of Somaliland in international competitions.

“This is a fantastic opportunity for us to showcase our talent. We really thank Ministry of Energy and Minerals and Ministry of Education and Higher Learning for organizing and funding this competition. The morale is very high among the boys and each one of us just wants to enjoy this rare sporting opportunity which will help foster friendship and integration among the youth of Hargeisa,” Mr. Mahmoud Tamarta Captain.

The one day basketball tournament was overseen by the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture and closely managed by both the Somaliland Basketball Federation and the Football Federation, the two bodies that run football and basketball affairs in Somaliland.

Tamarta emerged as the winners with 43 points over their opponents  Wahbarashada 35 points.


  1. Good thing but where are the girls? Somaliland used to have girls' basketball teams in almost every town and every school. Now the very idea is considered alien. when talk about salafism changing the character of our country this is the kind of change i mean. They also used to attend men's teams and act almost like cheerleaders using dementing sexy chants for a teenage boy. The one i recall was girls screaming at the top of their voice "Shab kusii shalalax kusii". Took us a while to get what it really meant(yes teebnage boys are dumb). I am certain the girsl knew it all along.

    Oh those were the days