IMG_565000By Goth Mohamed Goth

HARGEISA–More than 485 Children at the Hargeisa orphanage will be the beneficiaries of donations in form of assortment of clothes courtesy of Al Nuur Furniture Company celebrated Eid Al Adha.

“We are very grateful to Alnuur Company for the donation of clothing to all the 485 children under our charge” said Mr. Sahardiid Muxumed Jama the deputy patron of the Hargeisa orphanage.

IMG_564111“Alnuur Furniture over the years has played a great role in meeting the wants of the children especially clothing which the orphanage is very grateful for said Mr. Sahardiid Muxumed Jama ,the contended hearts of the children and their prayers has something to do with the success of the furniture company.

The patron in charge of the orphanage who informed that the orphanage require a lot of assistance asked others to emulate the generosity of Alnuur Furniture Company which has been involved on a charity programs on a regular basis for a number of years.

ALNUUR Furniture Company’s the owner and founder of Mr. Abdurrahman Mohamed Nuur is a well-known philanthropist and his charity work is seen to be the most visible and tangible considering his engagement in community service.

ALNUUR Furniture deeply involved in supporting the Hargeisa based children’s orphanage which is home to over 500 orphans from various parts of the country, Somalia and neighboring Ethiopian zone five.