19 January 2014


Document for the process of political dialogue between the Government of Somaliland and the Federal Government of the Somalia on future relations


In accordance with framework agreement reached in Chevening, Dubai, Ankara, and Istanbul I, delegations from the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland met in Istanbul between 16-19 January, 2014 with the assistance of Turkish Government.





Overall Framework


i.               This is a dialogue process between the Government of Somaliland and the Federal Government of Somalia to reach agreement on future relations

ii.             The parties are committed to continuing their dialogue in a spirit of mutual respect.

iii.            The dialogue will focus on resolving future relations between the two entities.

iv.            The parties commit to resolving all problems and disputes in an exclusively peaceful manner.  

v.            The parties agree to abide by commitments made in the Code of Conduct and Declaration of Principles.

vi.           The parties agree to work diligently and in good faith and to ensure full implementation of the agreements reached.

vii.          The parties recognise the crucial role that the government of Turkey is playing in promoting the dialogue.


II.   Agenda and Substance


i.              The focus of the agenda will bethe nature of future relations of the two parties.

ii.            The parties will agree to dialogue on other issues of mutual importance and necessity as the need arises.

iii.           The parties agree to set agendas in advance of each dialogue session.

iv.           The parties will review implementation status of issues that have previously been discussed or agreed upon..

v.            The parties agree to update each other on implementation progress with regards to past agreements at the start of each dialogue session.


III.     Decision Making


I.              The parties will reach decisions by consensus between the negotiation teams.

II.            The negotiation teams of the parties will be guided by the inputs and decisions of their principals.

III.           Whereas further input and technical assistance is required,the parties jointly communicate their decisions to theirhosting partner.

IV.          As necessary meeting of the principals may be called by the two negotiation teams or their agreed partner to resolve deadlock.

V.           A joint secretariat will be established in Turkey and it’s functions shall be following:         

a.  Ensure proper dialogue coordination;

b.  Provide logistical, administrative and record keeping to support the process;

c.    Support implementation of decisions reached by the negotiating parties.



  IV.   Sequencing considerations:


i.              The parties agree on the framework for the process of dialogue, declaration of principles and code of conduct and commonly agreed international facilitation, establishment of a secretariatin Turkey and select areas of cooperation based on need.

ii.            The frameworkfor the process will establish a regular schedule of meetings of 90 days for the negotiation teams.

iii.           The heads of the two negotiation teams shall either communicate with each other or hold meeting in six weeksperiod for follow up purposes and in orderto determine the agenda.

iv.           In between talks, the parties will agree on initial terms of reference, roles and composition of international facilitation to the process.

v.            In advance to any round of dialogue, the parties will develop a preliminary draft declaration on expected outcomes.


V.   Participation


A.   The partners in the dialogue are the Government of Somaliland and the Federal Government of the Somalia, represented by their delegated negotiation teams.

B.   Appreciating the central role that Turkey has played in facilitating previous rounds of dialogue, and recognizing the support received from other international partners, the Parties will decide the scope of the desired continued support they might be in need to advance the process..

C.   The parties may seek jointly technical support from neutral and impartial expert organizations for legal advisory purpose.


VI.  Implementation


a.    The parties agree that the negotiating entities are the immediate implementing authorities of whatever agreements maybe reached.

b.    Participation in this implementation process will be confined to the parties in dialogue.

c.     The parties will adopt decisions to insure timely and effective implementations of anyagreed outcomes

d.     In order to ensure full implementation of agreements, the parties will develop implementation plans, including milestones and agreed oversight, for agreements reached. Progress on these plans will be monitored by the Turkey government



      Code of Conduct:


The Parties agree to:


1.    Open meetings by the reciting the holy Quran   

2.    Refrain from inflammatory statements and behavior that will impinge on the objectives and progress of the dialogueand avoid making public statements compromising or undermining the spirit of the negotiation..

3.    Agree in advance on joint public statements relating to the dialogue.

4.     Develop in advance the agenda for each session and adopt the agenda at the commencement of discussions.  

5.    Conduct the discussions in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding.

6.     Respect and uphold the confidentiality of the process and correspondence between the two parties and discussions must be treated as strictly confidential by all involved parties and hosting partner.

7.    Commit to peaceful relations and mutual respect and avoidance of all kinds of hostilities.



Declaration of Principles:


Both parties agree to the following principles:


1.    The Parties will pursue dialogue towards agreed outcomes and approved the contents of previous agreements which are in the best interests of both parties.

2.    The parties enter into the dialogue firmly committed to resolving issues and finding mutually acceptable outcomes.

3.     The parties agree to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct and other agreements.

4.    The parties will fully facilitate and jointly define areas of cooperation which can meet practical needs ofboth parties.

5.     The parties make a firm commitment to the resolution of differences through exclusively peaceful means and dialogue.

6.    The parties agree with Turkish Government to provide regular briefing to the international communities.

7.    Referring to the Communiqué of the two parties Dialogue in Istanbul, Turkey on 7-9/July 2013. The parties agreed to nominate Air Traffic Control Board to establish within 45 days.

8.    The parties agreed to appointan ad-hoc  technical committee composed of 4 members, ( two from each party) to  prepare the terms of reference of the Air Traffic Control Board. The Technical Committee work will be supervised by the respective two Ministers.

9.    We share the pain inflicted upon the Somali people by the military regime in Somalia before the year 1991. We condemn all the atrocities committed by that regime throughout all Somali people particularly the people in Somaliland.



H.E. Abdikarin Hussein Guled                 H.E. Mohamed Behi Yonis

           Minister Minister

The Federal Government of Somalia                    The Government of Somaliland



    • Yep

      Anyone who thinks we are doing this to be friends with the Somalia-Fungus-Government lacks brain function.

      SFG will not last 12Months, we must get them to sign what we need soon.

  1. Buy condemning all atrocities committed by Somalia against Somaliland people is victory for the Somaliland people to begin with.
    By admitting to genocide there's consequence,so far so good.

  2. somaliland shouldn't have discussed failed state right now what so ever, i mean somalia is ignoring to appreciate what somaliland has have done and they are ignoring to discuss the most significant point which is somaliland independence, it''s just waste of money and utterly gibberish meetiing! they both have better things to do right now then to talk about never ending argument and zero sum game!

  3. Like all previous so-called agreements, there is no a single point in the above so-called communique that even remotely enhances the independence, statehood, and national sovereignty of our nation and republic of Somaliland. On the contrary, sharing our air space with the failed state of Somalia is a gross national treason Siilaanyo deliberately committed against our great nation of Somaliland republic. Sitting in front of a delegation led by the so-called Somali minister of interior, and not the foreign minister of that failed state of Somalia, is the wrong start that Siilaanyo initiated to suggest that Somaliland is no more than a region in Somalia. Wrong starts always lead to wrong ends. It is time for patriotic Somalilanders to rescue their nationhood, statehood., independence by toppling Siilaanyo the traitor. God bless our martyers in haven, long live SNM, humiliating death to our enemies and all traitors. WE DEFEATED OUR ENEMIES IN THE PAST, AND NO DOUBT WE WILL CONTINUE THE STRUGGLE FOR POLITICAL RECOGNITION AS LONG AS IT TAKES.

  4. Somaliland secession – not Somaliland independence – is absolutely the point of contention between Somaliland and Somalia. The rest is an amalgam of minor issues that can be sorted out at any time. The points that two sides agreed do not touch specifically the real dispute.

    • Kuluc it is not secession because there never was a legal union between the state of Somaliland and the state of Italian Somaliland. The act of the union was never ratified by The Legislative Assembly of the independent STATE OF SOMALILAND.

      What we are doing is we are reclaiming our sovereignty.

  5. Admitting genocide and atrocities is a case to hold on by the Best Kept Secret in Africa, and will pave the way our independence in the face of the International laws. Its a good point that our delegation has scored.

    Its a good information of those international community who did not familiar to what has happened in former Somali Democratic Republic, and will for sure encourage many to stick their neck to see things the way it should be. We must use this point and double our efforts.

    • What you need to understand is, the federal government condemned the atrocity committed by the military regime against the people of Somalia, in particularly those in north-west Somalia. It didn't give itself or the south the blame for the atrocities of the military regime, and it condemned the atrocity committed by them against the people of Somalia as a whole.

  6. Oh boy, are you people draft. Not a GCSE between you guys. Even a blind man can see what is happening. We are going back. Silanyo and the Jamac waal boys fancy a crack at the top job. It is all a game. You say sorry and we will go back to our people and say we can't get nothing from the AU, EU,US etc (not even friendly Ethiopia wants to know) so let's all go back in chaps. We will just share a passport and a currency and run our own affairs. This is what will happen. Jamac Waal guys never believed in project Somaliland, and never will. Our good friend Hiris Haji may be given a FederalFisheries ministry or some other nonsense, just think of the money he'll make.

    • Yusuf,
      Oh boy, you must be joking. Silanyo and the Jama Waal boys aint the only GOSL.
      Just think over and see how the GOSL is structured and run. I hate to say it Yusuf
      but forcing me in great pain; the Waal boys are caught up in between damned if I do
      and damned if I don't…Just think over it. I could say more…but for the fun of it, who cares,
      if all the non-Jamac Waal have no Imaan for all the good things on their side, then who's to
      blame. If you don't like the good fancy crack at the top job held by Ahmed Silaanyo and
      Hersi Haji, for no good reason other than hatred jealousy…then so be it. The GOSL is
      all well shared and performing well under the good leadership of HE President
      DR Muj Ahmed Silaanyo and his competent Cabinet Ministers. Trust me.

  7. Compensation is due– a lot of Qaat..lol that is all these heathens wanted..FGS should never have sat with this lowly subhuman servants but we should bomb them…Admitting that we did bombed them and we will do it and we are not ashamed of doing everyday like Asad of Syria does.

    • I know, you are pissed off because darood tribe has no place in this meeting. You also know that Hawiye in charge in the south and you know who in the north.

      The worst part is you can do nothing about it, right?

  8. It is early days, but in all honesty these talks will not get anywhere, for two reasons, one, the main issue in contention has not been raised, and secondly, it is not clear how many govts. from Somalia we in Somaliland may have to deal with. But, most worryingly, we must not commit ourselves to any agreements that will give future Somalia govts. something to rely on and refer to. Here is the thing, we all know that this sfg in a Somalia will not last, but if we agree to or concede anything in these talks, any future entity in Somalia, will have something to lean on. We in Somaliland want one thing only, for Somalia to accept and agree to our independence. If they will no accept that, then we must not bind ourselves to any agreements or further entanglements with Somalia.

  9. Principal 1 reads in part, " The Parties will pursue dialogue towards agreed outcomes" What does this mean?

    1. To begin with there are no outcomes that have been clearly defined and agreed to
    2. An outcome can be a goal and as such should be clearly defined as to what it entails.
    3. The outcome Somaliland anticipates is the acknowledgement of Somaliland's reclamation of its sovereignty. That is what I would like to see in Principal 1.
    4. I like to know what these agreed to outcomes are and we need them to be made public for all to see
    5. To everybody's knowledge there was only one outcome in these dialogues and that was the one on airspace.

  10. Aint nobody going back to Xamar. Between money hungry politicians and al shabab Islamists obsessed with every aspect of someone elses life what do they have to offer us? Absolutely nothing. Aint nobody got time for that! Its 2014 and people are sick and tired of being poor and ignorant. They want to join the 1st world and no one is interested in moriyan or bat x aar crazy theocracy.

  11. those talks are just taking the isaaq country to no where. It is either the lovely silaanyo nad his friend are up to something dodgy, or they realised that their dreams are shattered to the wind so they're trying to come out with best deal for the case they lost.
    They're not really sharp and exact to the point, it looks like israel and palastine talks that never ends and with no intention to end it

  12. no balls somaliland for get about these talks and lets go to war with somalia LETS ALL PICK UP ARMS AND DO IT THE GOOD OLD WAYS.


  14. Thanks for the delegation who attended talks on the behalf of Somali Land for their strength and determination to reflect needs of their people. I appreciate the statement " we will never accept the request of man who cannot fully control two district in Mogadisho to rule Zeila" which Somali land foreign Minister gave to the media. Gurgurte must know that we have tested what was the unity which was used to destroy our identity. Now we welcome if they are ready to accept two state solutions as our priority agenda.
    May Allah bless Somaliland and give its people strength destroy their enemies!!

  15. Our strength in diplomatic and ground is clear message and a dagger pointed on the heart of new president in Puntland who offended our dignity as nation by threatening us as if he has a magic power to change history.

  16. What I would like to highlight is, the federal government condemned the atrocity committed by the military regime against the people of Somalia, in particularly those in north-west Somalia. It didn't give itself or the south the blame for the atrocities of the military regime, and it condemned the atrocity committed by them against the people of Somalia as a whole. So, for those who like to twist things, nor he south or the federal government is to blame for what the military regime did. And last but not least, there will be no recognition, so, instead of wasting another 20+ years, let's use our brain and let's put aside this emotional side of us that made most of us naturalised "qaxooti's" and work towards prosperous future for all. Enough is enough guys, come on.

    • No thank you…

      Soon you will have Congo troops to supplement you inadequacies.

      If you would sell your soul to the DEVIL to prevent Somaliland recognition you would not out of LOVE not instead out of bitter HATE.

      UNIONISM is the mechanism to desiccate Somalia-Italia.

      Soon the only dialogue with Somalia-Italia that will take place will be the dialogue with the colonial masters of Uganda, Burundi, Nigeria, Sierre leone and the other dozen African states charged with procuring third party agendas.

      • In that case, instead of having talks with Somaliland, they (Uganda, Burindi, Negeria, Sierre Leone etc) will be having talks with Ethiopia, Britain, Kenya, Israel, United emirate, Nigeria and many more since they are your colonial masters. Let's look at the realities here, and not half of the reality.