By Goth Mohamed Goth

The fifth round of the ongoing  talks between Somaliland and Somalia have been concluded after three days of intense consultations and deliberations  both sides agree on 9 points communique.

Somaliland Minister of foreign affairs and international cooperation Hon Mohamed Bihi Yonis speaking to the BBC Somali Services said, “The federal government has for the first time ever apologized and  agreed to bear full responsibility for the unspeakable crimes against humanity which were committed in Somaliland starting from the year 1984 -1988 those  crimes were committed under Barre’s 21-year regime, by which  government forces tortured, summarily executed, raped, and even launched aerial bombing raids on civilian populations all across Somaliland.

Hon Bihi went on to say, “Both sides have reached a consensus for the need to form a committee composed of representatives of Somaliland, Somalia and Turkey which will be tasked with the facilitations and carving out of the agendas of all future talk,

Lastly the SL foreign Minister who heads a 7 man negotiation team added that both sides are expected to resume talks in 90 days times.


  1. We got them right where we wanted, all we have to do know is kick hard and give that ugly walaweyn her
    divorce no more wasting time in Istanbul hotels taking to walaweyn.
    International courts here we came, victory is coming very soon.

  2. @betterme
    somaliland is not dead it is life and kicking but your faqash father mujrim dhurwaa afweyne has
    die with shame

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  3. · 12 minutes ago

    Admitting genocide is a case to hold on by the Best Kept Secret in Africa, and will pave the way for our independence in the face of the International laws. Its a good point that our delegation has scored.

    Its a good information for those international community who did not familiar to what has happened in former Somali Democratic Republic, and will for sure encourage many to stick their neck to see things the way it should be. We must use this point and double our efforts.

  4. I totally agree with the comments above that Somaliland has scored a good a point at the last negotiation, But I don't know if they admitted to a genocide, bc genocide is a big word, they admitted and apologized and criticized to a atrocities committed by government soldiers in the North after rebels took over cities in the North. My understanding is that Somaliland has always insisted that the South admit to a atrocities committed in the North but again I doubt that will lead to anything. The Northerners should understand that the Somali government wants united Somalia and if admitting to a killings that took place in the 90,s brings that unity they of course will admit to it but will not take responsiblity for it.

  5. LMAO those individuals who took part the so killing which occurred in Hargeisa in 1988 is the current futoweyn Silanyo iyo Dahir Rayale Kahin who was intelligence in the government of Mohamed Siad Barre (AUN).

    So let me ask the Isaaq boys why this futoweyn Silanyo and Rayale kahin not brought to justice?

  6. Who cares whether they admit it or not, the proof is there. Its crazy if that is what they went all the way to Turkey for.

    The only thing that should be discussed is how the union was NEVER ratified and therefore illegal! Then agreeing to two separate states. End of. We dont need any apology especially knowing they could careless about our dead.

  7. These ho-hum useless Somali Conferences never produce fruition. Waa shimbirayohow heesa. Somalis hate each other to the extreme every one is loyal to his own clan. No wonder the British described The Nomads with three things they worship respectively:
    1. Their clan.
    2. Their camels and
    3. Their religin.

    Note that clan and camels suppercede religion, Somalis will of course deny this but their actions are not harmonious with what Islam condones. Thee Somali adage sheds light light on their traditions: fiqi tolkii kama janna tago.