By Goth Mohamed Goth

The minister of aviation Hon Mahmoud Hashi Abdi inspected the ongoing construction work of the 9KM security fence and runway at Burao Airport  in a tour to the facility and at the same time initiating new plans of upgrade renovation work at the main airport in Togdheer region.

“The purpose of my tour is to inspect the ongoing work of the construction of a 9KM security fence installation which is composed of 4.5KM Concrete wall and 4.5KM barbered wire and which has been constructed to the standards set by ICAO, in fact some officials from ICAO who came to inspect the facility were satisfied with the work”, He said.

Hon Mahmoud unveiled new plans to upgrade the 3KM runaway at Burco airport the  aid that he and members of the Togdheer region development have agreed on how to proceed on the second phase which is due to the begin soon.

The Aviation minister said the upgrade also consist of the construction of several Hangars for storing and maintaining aircraft which includes fully enclosed units and which are situated in easily accessible areas throughout the Airport.

“The upgrade works includes a new runway, a police station, an office building and installing of a security fence around the airport”, stated the aviation minister.

The Minister of Aviation said that once the work of upgrading the runway is completed, Burao Airport will be handling almost all types of airplanes and will be equipped with a control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo.

Hon Mahmoud Hashi said that he was encouraged by the ongoing work at the airport.



  1. Masha allah well done Burco Airport and in particular Ali Mawlid and his team have acheived great stride
    to reach up to this stage. They deserve genuine praise for doing thier utmost with very limited resources
    they have tried to fund raise from the public. This is a clear testimont that even with limited resources a lot can be acheived if there is a genuine desire to do things in a practical manner. We should support any development such as this one which will ulitimately benefit our society in many ways and any local programmes should be supported by ALL as proven by the Burco Airport Committee " where there is a will there is a way". watch the space Burco is emerging slowly but surely on the right track and one day Burco will be the city to be admired soon insha allah, have faith in Burco as we all do and lets think and act postive and forget the divisiveness. Viva Somaliland.

  2. Nice work!
    What flights are using Burco airport?
    I belive its better to focus on Egal airport and try to attract some internationals routes and connect the nearby cities by roads. Build smal airports in Borame and Las Anod.

  3. Good things are coming Burco's way!!!
    Well done to all involved for having the forsight and inititive to see whats in the futrue.

  4. An executive who understood what his his job is. He saw during his tenure the building of much needed infrastructures in the country during three years which is more than what was accomplished during the past 65 years. Well done Minister Hashi.