By Goth Mohamed Goth

The Ministry of Finance has in the strongest terms refuted reports carried by local media alleging that the Ministry of Finance has launched corruption investigation against the Minister of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Hon Mahmoud Abdi Hashi in a Press Statement released today.

The press statement issued and signed by the director general in the ministry of Finance Mr. Suleiman Jama Diriye said that the Ministry of finance had received all the monies from the Ministry of Civil Aviation in form of Taxes generated from airlines licenses and has submitted the monies to the central coffers.

The Ministry of Finance Press Statement read as follows:-

The Ministry of Finance do hereby in the strongest terms refute allegations carried by HAATUF a local Somali language daily edition # 3543 which was published on the 6/ March/2014, which read as follows, “The Minister of Aviation has unlawfully pocketed monies amounting to hundreds of thousands of Dollars belonging to the Ministry of Finance” as baseless and lacks any merit whatsoever.

The Somali language daily had in its edition # 3543 which was published on the 6/ March/2014 had carried reports alleging that the Ministry of Civil Aviation had misappropriated more than $60, 000 dollars, monies which were generated from taxes collected from licenses awarded to airlines operating in the country in 2014.

Therefore the Ministry of finance do hereby assures members of the media and public that the monies were submitted to the treasury and would once again like to reiterate responsibility of the collection of monies generated as taxes lies solely with the Ministry of Finance


  1. Not haatuf – it should be named liar – we are still seeing lowlife people who are dressed as a journalists writing whatever comes in their mind after murqaan

    • Finally Africans realize, they have a problem of mismanagement of the natural resources of their countries' meager foreign aid which comes into their coffers that suppose to help their needy constituents. They only way to curb and eliminate corruption and stealing from public is to ask each and every one to declare their assets before they assume any higher office or manage public trust.

  2. Shame on you haatuf. But if there evidence then I think they should submit it to the responsible authorities or the Auditor General. Peoples integrity are involved here.

  3. Why does Haatuf only target ministers that hail from the same part of the country: Mohamoud Hashi, Hussein Abdi of Minerals, Hersi, etc.? Does he think that he can always get away with this nefarious, blackmailing habit?

    Somebody should take him aside and whisper to him other people's rights!

  4. Look guys, the Ministry of Finance and its staff are stooges. Without defending HAATUF in particular, this is the Ministry where its deputy minister famously said that “I have dreamed laying a foundation stone with the president.” It is no secret that everyone in this government is corrupt and pillaging the nation’s meager treasure. No secret either is that no less the president, his family and ministers hailing from his clan are the biggest culprits.